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November 30, 2004

end of semester stress (rant)

**well, you remember that RIAA paper I wrote a month ago? it was finally returned to me today. the instructor pointed out several things wrong with it, and I have to redo it. before saturday. I'm pissed because it's stupid shit like he counts 1 error for each time I didn't capitalize "internet". I have NEVER written internet like this: Internet. according to APA (which it was supposed to be written in), there -should- be double space through the entire paper except block quotes. he says there should not be double spaces between paragraph headings and the following paragraphs. all I know is that he graded it (in my view) incorrectly. and that I've got a $60 book that says he's wrong on the formatting. so I'll fix it to the way he wants it... and he'll probably still bitch about it.
**on top of redoing a 15 page paper I have:
another exam tomorrow (dec. 1) night in org. behavior
three quizzes tomorrow for accounting
a quiz on thursday (dec. 2) in marketing
an accounting assignment due friday (dec. 3) and another and three quizzes next thursday (dec. 9)
a panel forum saturday on Lobbying for bus. law (dec. 4)
an assignment/exam due for algebra on dec. 9
studying for finals next week (dec 6-9)
and then on the 15th and 16th are my final exams-for all 5 classes.
**I'm exhausted. and its damn cold outside. special thanks goes out to the snow in colorado and the wind that's bringing the chill to me.
**Jeff (my cyberson) asked me earlier if I still cared about him. it made me sad. I've consciously known I've been ignoring a lot of people lately, but there's really nothing I can do about it. I tried to explain to him that I get this way the last month of every semester. that right now I have a lot of things going on in my "real" life that I'm having to deal with and it's not so easy to do so. I'm sorry kiddo, I'll try to be better about listening to you when you need me. I haven't been real good at it the last week or so.
**on a lighter note, I kicked ass on tonight's exam in bus. law... well, perhaps I didn't really kick ass, but I got less questions wrong than my studybuddy david did. this makes me feel good. I rubbed it in. (oh how spiteful of me!) and I dumped a lot of what's on my mind on him after we'd reviewed our exam this evening. he was surprised at a few of the things I had to say, and not so surprised about others. enough about david and onto other things... a couple of other people in my life have been very good at assisting me in maintaining some sense of sanity. Thanks Rob, Mike, and KJ... you guys have been good to me and I love you all. I owe you all far more than I'll ever be able to repay you.

November 28, 2004

Black eyes suck ass.

**Ok, so... just by reading the title of this entry, you probably think I got in a fight. That's not a surprising thing to think, considering if you're reading this, you know how I can get... It's not what you think. I promise.
**Anyway, I went to go take a shower. Got out and wrapped my hair in a towel and put on my robe. Seems simple enough. By now I'm sure I've got you wondering. So, I'm all wrapped up and I decide I'm gonna go flop on my bed, and I do, face down. (Here comes the good part...) My right sleeve got caught under me, so what do I do? I yank my arm up really hard and end up clocking myself in the eye.
You should have heard me cussing! It hurts like hell, and I'm going to have to wear a lot of makeup to cover it because if I don't, anyone who sees me this week will think I got in a family feud over the Thanksgiving break. (Surprisingly, there was no family war over the vacation. This is a first.) Anyway, this is very uncool because I have a major meeting with a debate panel on Lobbying on Saturday. It's 6 days away, I know, but this damn black eye had better be gone by then and not that nasty greenish-yellow hue. That would make for some good conversation during the debate, I'm sure.
**Anyhow. This is my Sunday afternoon. Must get on with some Marketing papers before they cause me to flunk the course. Bah! Marketing!

November 21, 2004

My America. Or not.

**I’m beginning to lose my faith in what it means to be an American. No longer is the word "American" seen as a good thing. Look around our world. People "ugh" at the word. Look at what our politicians have done to other cultures. It makes me sick. There is a reason certain civilizations have existed for thousands of years without technology and without a democratic political system. There is a reason they worship their own gods and live by their own standards. The United States is a global power intent on Americanizing every culture it can get its hands on. No longer are we talking about democracy. Democracy is about empowering people. Not about making others conform to what "civilized" societies think they should be like.
**Perhaps its time to consider moving.

November 18, 2004

scary thoughts abound

**as many of you know, i have a "real life" friend named david. he and i spend a lot of time together. (work, school, studying, hanging out, drinking, etc...) in fact, apparently its -too much- time. we have known each other for about two years or so, have worked on the campus together this entire time. this semester, we took all our evening classes together. david doesnt drive. anyway, every tuesday through thursday we show up to class together and we leave class together. i take him home after class. we even sit next to each other during class... tonight the ITV facilitators (Mary and Tina) scared the shit out of me by asking how long we'd been married. i nearly died... and then nearly died from laughing so hard. talk about mortified! we were both rather embarassed, seeing as how we arent even seeing each other...

November 14, 2004

one mistake after another

**today was full of mistakes. the first one... getting out of bed this morning. i live in roswell, new mexico (yes, a shithole.) and i have this business trip i needed to go shopping for, so i asked my mom yesterday if she wanted to go to lubbock (texas). shes like, yeah, sure. call me. so we went.
**this brings me to mistake number two... leaving home in a snowstorm. snow was melted by rain by the time we got back.
mistake 3, electing to ride in the car with my mother for six hours (three each way). so anyway, i hate shopping for clothes. big mistake there. i -had- to though. regardless, the sales ladies were very helpful, except when they brought me this skirt that i just -had- to try on.
**heres mistake 4. i put the damn thing on, i looked pretty good in it except one thing. i dont wear clothes that show my legs, at all. i already own two skirts but they both drag the floor. so... i put this skirt on and it hits just below my knees. they practically forced me to come out of the damn dressing room and show them. so i did... and i freaked out, like a weenie. i felt like i was standing there naked with all these people staring at me. and they kept talking about how "nice" i looked and they were blocking the damn dressing room, and i was freaking out and i started crying because i was scared, i felt naked. for YEARS ive never dressed like that. no swimsuits, no shorts, no stupid ass capris, no "short" skirts... i wear pants. hell, i even wear long sleeves in the summer. im a modest dresser. tasteful clothing. so here i am crying in the damn store and theyre all trying to comfort me and shit. except... i still cant get to the dressing room so i find the next best thing, a trench coat. much better. no legs. finally though, i found a nice suit, after three hours in this damn place.
**mistake five coming up! we went to my aunts house and then out to dinner, i forgot my purse at her place so we had to go all the way back to the other side of lubbock to get it... then we ran into road construction.
**low and behold, mistake number six. i got us lost. i couldnt find the way out of there, with it misting and i was still upset over the whole skirt thing, and then the construction, but we finally made it out alive.
**it was so nice to get home, to be safe and warm in my own house. at least i found something to wear for this business trip in december. NOT a skirt. :P

November 13, 2004

My Website

**today i worked on updating a few things on my website. if you've never seen it, here it is. i added a page for shit i've written over the years. writings are located here. beware, they're a little hateful/scary/morbid. what can i say, i can't control what my mind thinks.
**i also added a new page of pictures. some are scanned in from my highschool yearbooks. one is my mother's wedding picture. i shaved my head in protest of her wedding a few years ago. fortunately, she was smart enough to get rid of the bastard. there's other pics there. enjoy... or make fun of if you prefer (there's some with glasses!)
**btw, please don't look at my code, you'll die of a heartattack. ive already had a few offers to help revamp the site. ill probably work on it over christmas break. since im off for an entire month and all...

November 11, 2004

rot in hell

**some people.
this morning i woke up to this:
[07:25] i need to have you leave #channelnamehere
[07:25] too many people are saying they are leaving the channel because of you
[07:25] and i cant have that
[07:25] sorry

**SO NICE OF HIM TO TELL ME! -after- he kickbanned me. special thanks go out to (you know who you are). i know he had something to do with this. what pisses me off the most is that hes the -only- person in that room that has any beef with me. i wasnt aware there were "many people" who were going to leave because of me. thats rather funny, because everyone else talks to me in other channels OR THEY'RE IN MY CHANNEL to begin with.
anyway, heres my response:
[08:49] how nice of you to tell me.
[08:49] thanks.
[08:54] you can also tell (insert person's name here) to kiss my ass.
[08:54] i cant believe you chose him over me. i thought we were friends.
[08:55] considering ive been there a hell of a lot longer than he has. geez.
[08:55] thanks.

**of course, i ranted in my own channel, but just about anyone who actually reads my blog... saw my rant. it was not very nice at all. mind you, i dont blame the channel founder for this at all. he's got a channel to run, but if there were problems, i wish he would have said something sooner. im not mad at him though. i understand. its still bullshit though to be kickbanned from a channel where people supposedly hate you and want you gone with no prior warning whatsoever... *sigh*
**bottom line: all you assholes out there who are afraid to stand up to me can just fuck off as far as im concerned. that only makes me think that much less of you. i hope you rot in hell.

November 10, 2004

Someone You Could Relate to

**I was thinking this evening, after I've been up for three days on 6-7 hours of sleep... (I was writing a crappy ass research paper that you can find here) and MS Word kept crashing the damn thing. Anyway, back to my original point, I was thinking this evening that I can relate to a lot of Alanis Morissette's music. She's bummed, she's sarcastic, she's bitter. That sounds a lot like me, particularly when I feel like hell and am sitting in a puddle of self-pity. Yes, I know I had three months to do that damn paper. When did I start it? Four days before it was due. Of course! I am teh procrastinator! So, anyway, I like Alanis. I like her music. She has good songs... though most people don't agree (mom!). Its 1230am and I need sleep. I think I'm getting sick again (which can be highly attributed to not sleeping) so I think I'm going to bed.

November 03, 2004

hmmm, the beatles...

How do you do
what you do to me?
I'm feeling blue,
wish I knew how you do it to me
but I haven't a clue.