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My Website

**today i worked on updating a few things on my website. if you've never seen it, here it is. i added a page for shit i've written over the years. writings are located here. beware, they're a little hateful/scary/morbid. what can i say, i can't control what my mind thinks.
**i also added a new page of pictures. some are scanned in from my highschool yearbooks. one is my mother's wedding picture. i shaved my head in protest of her wedding a few years ago. fortunately, she was smart enough to get rid of the bastard. there's other pics there. enjoy... or make fun of if you prefer (there's some with glasses!)
**btw, please don't look at my code, you'll die of a heartattack. ive already had a few offers to help revamp the site. ill probably work on it over christmas break. since im off for an entire month and all...

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