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scary thoughts abound

**as many of you know, i have a "real life" friend named david. he and i spend a lot of time together. (work, school, studying, hanging out, drinking, etc...) in fact, apparently its -too much- time. we have known each other for about two years or so, have worked on the campus together this entire time. this semester, we took all our evening classes together. david doesnt drive. anyway, every tuesday through thursday we show up to class together and we leave class together. i take him home after class. we even sit next to each other during class... tonight the ITV facilitators (Mary and Tina) scared the shit out of me by asking how long we'd been married. i nearly died... and then nearly died from laughing so hard. talk about mortified! we were both rather embarassed, seeing as how we arent even seeing each other...

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