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rot in hell

**some people.
this morning i woke up to this:
[07:25] i need to have you leave #channelnamehere
[07:25] too many people are saying they are leaving the channel because of you
[07:25] and i cant have that
[07:25] sorry

**SO NICE OF HIM TO TELL ME! -after- he kickbanned me. special thanks go out to (you know who you are). i know he had something to do with this. what pisses me off the most is that hes the -only- person in that room that has any beef with me. i wasnt aware there were "many people" who were going to leave because of me. thats rather funny, because everyone else talks to me in other channels OR THEY'RE IN MY CHANNEL to begin with.
anyway, heres my response:
[08:49] how nice of you to tell me.
[08:49] thanks.
[08:54] you can also tell (insert person's name here) to kiss my ass.
[08:54] i cant believe you chose him over me. i thought we were friends.
[08:55] considering ive been there a hell of a lot longer than he has. geez.
[08:55] thanks.

**of course, i ranted in my own channel, but just about anyone who actually reads my blog... saw my rant. it was not very nice at all. mind you, i dont blame the channel founder for this at all. he's got a channel to run, but if there were problems, i wish he would have said something sooner. im not mad at him though. i understand. its still bullshit though to be kickbanned from a channel where people supposedly hate you and want you gone with no prior warning whatsoever... *sigh*
**bottom line: all you assholes out there who are afraid to stand up to me can just fuck off as far as im concerned. that only makes me think that much less of you. i hope you rot in hell.


sounds... familiar... to... something. must... resist... reference... nnnrrgghh!

dil, i know. come back to lockergnome.

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