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October 27, 2004

Who I Am

**Someone the other day asked me who I am. After giving it some thought, this is what I came up with:
**im a 22 year old female. i have pale skin and black hair. i wear either contacts or glasses. im tall. i dont like wearing business suits. im educated, educating others while continuing to educate myself. i come from a broken family. my parents divorced when i was 12.
**i have a small family. on my moms side, from her parents down are:
gramma- the one person in my family i spend most of my time with
grampa- deceased, but he was a big part of my life when i was growing up.
**mom, sister, and foster brother.
**i have four aunts, four uncles, and two cousins.
**on my dad's side, his parents are deceased and he has no siblings. all i have is him... and he choses not to be a big part of my life, as his step-daughter is more important to him.
**i live modestly. im middle class. im a registered independent voter. i hate politics. i like to argue. im fairly good at pissing people off and/or offending them, regardless of whether i intended to or not.
**i like to drive. im a distance driver, and can do 13 or so hours a day if necessary. ive never spent more than 24 hours outside the United States. ive only been on a plane once, and that was 16 years ago. ive been to 13 US states and one Canadian province. its sad that most of the people in the US dont realize that New Mexico IS part of the US... and that we DO speak English.
**i have food and skin allergies. this prevents me from eating a lot of stuff that looks and smells really really good, and from using lotions and perfumes and soaps that i like the smell of.
**i like music and art. ill listen to just about any type of music (except glass-shattering opera). i like artists like van gogh, monet, and renoir. id like to have a garden some day, but im really bad about killing stuff. living in the desert, its hard to grow a garden anyway... it rarely rains and i always forget to water it.
**i like to cook. especially on the grill. the grill belongs outside, in the backyard though, not in the kitchen. i like big kitchens that you can move around in. they need lots of counter and cabinet space. stainless steel appliances are the best. i like oak furniture. i also like antiques. living rooms and hallways should have pictures in them. bathrooms should be the most colorful rooms in the house. livingrooms and dining rooms should be comfortable and friendly. walk-in closets kick ass.
**enough about me for now, but im sure ill think of more things to add.

October 13, 2004

kang shou-yi

**when in love's embrace,
cry like drops of water
running down a window
during a spring rain,
**shine with the brilliance
of the Northern Lights on a
dark summer night,
**shake like the leaves
on a maple tree
in an autumn gale,
**scream like the east wind
rusing to shore
during winter's grip,
**and when the storm is over,
rest in my arms
like a newborn sand dune.

--borrowed from Contemporary Essentials of Business Law, Henry R. Cheeseman--

kicking people when they're down

**heres the way i think...
**no, i dont put up with bullshit. i stand up for what i believe in. once i get going on something, it consumes me with passion--whatever that something may be. i am dedicated. i dont lie down for others to walk all over me. my whole life, ive had something to prove. im still trying to find what that something is. when its necessary to walk all over other people, its important how you do it. those people may be all you have left some day. sometimes its necessary for people to be hurt to learn a lesson. what hurts more is being the teacher of that lesson, and even worse--if the lesson is never learned.
**as a sidenote--there's trouble in lockergnome, when is there not. while trying to reason with one of the people involved, the above is what i said to them. unfortunately, it didnt have the impact i intended it to. but i thought it was a good thing to post here nonetheless.

being sick

**most of you know ive been sick for the past month or so. and that ive had pneumonia and other shit for the past 2.5 weeks. just an update, i still feel like hell. more on this later, my next post is more important.