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end of semester stress (rant)

**well, you remember that RIAA paper I wrote a month ago? it was finally returned to me today. the instructor pointed out several things wrong with it, and I have to redo it. before saturday. I'm pissed because it's stupid shit like he counts 1 error for each time I didn't capitalize "internet". I have NEVER written internet like this: Internet. according to APA (which it was supposed to be written in), there -should- be double space through the entire paper except block quotes. he says there should not be double spaces between paragraph headings and the following paragraphs. all I know is that he graded it (in my view) incorrectly. and that I've got a $60 book that says he's wrong on the formatting. so I'll fix it to the way he wants it... and he'll probably still bitch about it.
**on top of redoing a 15 page paper I have:
another exam tomorrow (dec. 1) night in org. behavior
three quizzes tomorrow for accounting
a quiz on thursday (dec. 2) in marketing
an accounting assignment due friday (dec. 3) and another and three quizzes next thursday (dec. 9)
a panel forum saturday on Lobbying for bus. law (dec. 4)
an assignment/exam due for algebra on dec. 9
studying for finals next week (dec 6-9)
and then on the 15th and 16th are my final exams-for all 5 classes.
**I'm exhausted. and its damn cold outside. special thanks goes out to the snow in colorado and the wind that's bringing the chill to me.
**Jeff (my cyberson) asked me earlier if I still cared about him. it made me sad. I've consciously known I've been ignoring a lot of people lately, but there's really nothing I can do about it. I tried to explain to him that I get this way the last month of every semester. that right now I have a lot of things going on in my "real" life that I'm having to deal with and it's not so easy to do so. I'm sorry kiddo, I'll try to be better about listening to you when you need me. I haven't been real good at it the last week or so.
**on a lighter note, I kicked ass on tonight's exam in bus. law... well, perhaps I didn't really kick ass, but I got less questions wrong than my studybuddy david did. this makes me feel good. I rubbed it in. (oh how spiteful of me!) and I dumped a lot of what's on my mind on him after we'd reviewed our exam this evening. he was surprised at a few of the things I had to say, and not so surprised about others. enough about david and onto other things... a couple of other people in my life have been very good at assisting me in maintaining some sense of sanity. Thanks Rob, Mike, and KJ... you guys have been good to me and I love you all. I owe you all far more than I'll ever be able to repay you.


And we love you too, girlness. Don't let the bastards get you down.

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