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My America. Or not.

**I’m beginning to lose my faith in what it means to be an American. No longer is the word "American" seen as a good thing. Look around our world. People "ugh" at the word. Look at what our politicians have done to other cultures. It makes me sick. There is a reason certain civilizations have existed for thousands of years without technology and without a democratic political system. There is a reason they worship their own gods and live by their own standards. The United States is a global power intent on Americanizing every culture it can get its hands on. No longer are we talking about democracy. Democracy is about empowering people. Not about making others conform to what "civilized" societies think they should be like.
**Perhaps its time to consider moving.


I agree.

WTH, found a referrer link from here and realized it was YOUR blog it came from. Kewl. I see you've also linked to me. Trés Kewl. ;)


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