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September 20, 2004

did you ever...

*begin rant*
**did you ever wake up one morning and know that you should just stay in bed? that it would be a much better idea to remain there, as opposed to venturing out into the cold cruelty and hatefulness of this world? these days come and go, but are returning to me more often than i care to admit. maybe my way of "dealing" with them is not traditional or healthy... it works for me though, and you should do what works, right?
**ok i lie. it works most of the time. what do i do? i thrive on stress, i ignore anxiety... i turn my back on depression. hey, im not superchick, it catches up with me every now and then. i get sad, i might cry a bit (omfg, yes, i have been known to cry.) its never for very long. after a bit it just rolls off my back and i move on.
**now jealousy. that one tends to stick around awhile. i cant help it, it just happens. its that damn feminine instinct that wells up within me. HORMONES! yeah, blaming it on hormones is a good excuse... ugh, ill finish this later. its becoming too long and moving towrds boring.
*end rant*

if i had...

**in case you didnt know, nic.zerosrealm.com doesnt exist anymore. we have moved to http://nic.bella-designs.ca ... Moonspell has offered to set up forums and whatnot (the host was also his doing -- thanks moon!) for me. forums would be great, but uhh.... what kind of forums? thats the problem i keep running into. if anyone has ideas, let me know, you know where to find me.

September 04, 2004

Stupid Papers

**if anyone can think of a topic i can write a ten page paper on for my business law class, please let me know!
**on another note, i dropped the stupid econ class!