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August 31, 2004

i HATE tv, but i hate ITV even more

**so today is my first day of tuesday/thursday classes. the courses themselves arent so bad, neither are the instructors. ive mentioned before (just not in this blog) how much i hate showing up to class... why waste your time and mine on a lecture i will get absolutely nothing out of? GIVE ME ONLINE CLASSES! let me do the work on my own! dont bore me to death for hours on end with endless bullshitza that im just gonna have to read about in the damn textbook anyway! over my college career, i have repeatedly proven that i do much better in courses i dont have to sit in a lecture for. i teach myself, i hate listening to lectures, i dont like watching instructors read poorly made powerpoint slides word for word, and i can certainly read a textbook on my own (especially since ive been reading since i was four).
**how the hell do people sit and watch tv all day?!
**i also forgot to mention im pretty sure im dropping that stupid economics class and will take it this spring, in addition to moving my 1230 class to wednesday night... this would probably be better for my sanity in the long run. :P

August 30, 2004

Economics can kiss my ass

**Hear me out on this one... (from closet logs)

[21:47] 1: the first thing your instructor says to you is "my name is _____________, and im used to being called ma'am" <---and thats what she wants us to call her!
[21:47] 2: the class is on microeconomics.
[21:48] 3: during the first day of class, the students are already yawning.
[21:48] 4: in addition to yawning, a couple of them note that they intend to hit the bar as soon as class is over.
[21:49] 5: study group is being planned in the future, at the bar as well.
[21:49] now... how does that sound?
**I want to die.

August 28, 2004


**ok, so a few days ago, i woke up with this bright idea that the closet needed a blog. so i talked to zero… he was great and set one up for us to use for general bullshitza and whatnot. unfortunately, everything else on the site had to be taken down. i really would rather have had the main site be back up as the main page, and have the blog as a link. anyway, zero set up the blog... it was great but i missed having the main site. geek was kind enough to offer hosting the blog on his site, which is now the reason why it is here and not on the realm.
**i had thought about creating a forum… and then thought NAH! everyone these days is creating a board… not me! i have to be different, just like everyone else. hey, at least its not another crapware removal site! sure seems a lot have popped up in the last couple weeks.