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sin-- on thursday, on my way to artesia, i got pulled over
sin-- i was doing 84 in a 65.
sin-- the sheriff wanted to know why i was going so fast, so i explained my job (jobless) situation to him
sin-- he felt real bad for me and let me off.
sin-- so today....
sin-- i got pulled over by a different sheriff, except it was just outside carlsbad
sin-- (artesia and carlsbad are in the same county)
sin-- actually, this time it was a state trooper, not a sheriff.
sin-- anyway, the guy today told me 'we've been told to keep a lookout for you, and not to cite you unless youre doing over 80mph'
sin-- and i asked why
therock247uk-- !
sin-- and he told me that word got around about what my company was doing to me, apparently theres a lot of cops with people who are served by the providers i work with (ie, carc in carlsbad and the door in artesia)
sin-- and he said that they all felt sorry for me.
sin-- and since im a 'distinctive' looking person, and there arent that many white ford escapes that travel that highway, and that none of them even have a similar looking license plate, they know its me.
porta_gimp-- hehe
porta_gimp-- for once, i know the story before everyone else!
sin-- LOL
therock247uk-- lol
sin-- only because i dont have anyone elses phone numbers
porta_gimp-- and, tell them the good news
therock247uk-- that was nice of them
sin-- and yours was one of the first on the list

sin-- which good news?
porta_gimp-- sick leave
sin-- OH! yeah... :P
porta_gimp-- :-p
sin-- probably for the next 6 weeks ill be taking at least one day off each week
sin-- because they wont pay out my sickleave
sin-- but they will pay my annual leave (vacation)
sin-- so, by fucking god, im gonna use that sickleave up.
sin-- bastards.
therock247uk-- LOL

porta_gimp-- how did that pill help you sleep last night?
sin-- omfg
sin-- youll love this G
sin-- becky gave me these pills to help me sleep
[19:31] sin-- theyre 150mg
[19:32] sin-- you can break them into two 25mg's and two 50mg's
[19:32] sin-- or into two 75's
[19:32] sin-- or take the whole 150
[19:32] sin-- she suggested that i take a 50 or 75 first
[19:32] sin-- and then go from there
[19:32] sin-- so of course, i didnt listen
[19:32] porta_gimp-- of course
[19:32] sin-- i took the whole 150 all at once
[19:32] porta_gimp-- heh.
[19:32] sin-- when i was in the bath
[19:33] sin-- that was about 1045 or so
[19:33] sin-- i get out at 11
[19:33] sin-- at 1115 i was in bed, drowsy
[19:33] sin-- by 1130, i was twitching and hearing voices
[19:33] porta_gimp-- oh god
[19:33] sin-- i had to get up and make sure there wasnt people in my house
[19:33] therock247uk-- wow...
[19:33] sin-- im all sitting there freaking out
[19:34] sin-- it was great
[19:34] SubWolf-- !
[19:34] porta_gimp-- ha
[19:34] therock247uk-- !
[19:34] sin-- but i swear, it sounded like there were people fucking in my living room
[19:34] therock247uk-- o_O
[19:34] therock247uk-- ghosts?
[19:34] sin-- and then i was twitching like i was having a seizure
[19:35] therock247uk-- your house is haunted :O
[19:35] therock247uk-- LOL
[19:35] sin-- it was one of the neatest 'trips' ive had in a long time... since i took that herbal extacy 5 years ago.
[19:35] porta_gimp-- heh
[19:36] therock247uk-- did you actually sleep in the end then? or was you up all nite?
[19:36] sin-- i slept from 1130 until almost 10 this morning
[19:36] porta_gimp-- nice.
[19:36] therock247uk-- good
[19:36] porta_gimp-- and a good trip.
[19:36] porta_gimp-- get more pills!
[19:36] sin-- ok, more like 1145
[19:36] * porta_gimp coughs
[19:36] sin-- i have more pills
[19:36] porta_gimp-- heh.
[19:36] sin-- i have three more
[19:37] porta_gimp-- cut 'em this time
[19:37] sin-- and she said shed give me more if i needed them.
[19:37] porta_gimp-- you sure the pills were what she said they were?
[19:44] sin-- yes
[19:44] sin-- they were labeled
[19:44] sin-- and i saw the bottle they came in
[19:45] sin-- and ive seen them before.
[19:45] porta_gimp-- k

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