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the callback

Nic... this is (the person who interviewed me) from (the company thats taking away all my clients). i just wanted to call and let you know that we've already filled the positions with other applicants. thanks. bye.

that was left on my answering machine at 230 today when she knew damn well that i wouldnt be home. also, i specifically asked her to call my cell phone. i see she took the chickenshit way out. she couldnt even tell me to my face, or talk to me directly. leaving a message is so lame. a little birdie told me that they didnt hire me because i have a 'bad reputation'. so to speak. apparently they were told that im really great at advocating for the clients (duh! thats my job!) but that im a 'bulldozer". whatever the fuck that means. i guess getting shit done is frowned upon in this industry.

they didnt hire monica either. because of her step-dad. apparently he used to work for that company and they had a falling out. but monica got a job today anyway, with another one of the providers.

it gets better... that company that i didnt get hired at, hired one of my coworkers... one who has only 5 months experience and doesnt even have all her trainings yet. i have a year of experience, all my trainings, and ive worked for the providers. i have a great working relationship with a lot of the agencies ive worked with over the past year. it pisses me the hell off that this company didnt even bother to check my references. they're not hiring me based on rumors and other menial bullshit i guess.

they'll be sorry. its expensive to train all those people they hired instead of hiring me. they'll get what they asked for. i dont think they know whats coming to them. heh. i cant wait for this to flop.


The reason they didn't hire you or Monica in my humble opinion, is because they wanted to hire sheep that they could trust to follow the herd. People easy to bend and brainwash to do what they think is best for their company. Not people that would lead the pack like wolves and do what is best for the clients. In the end, chicken shit people get what is comming to them. Like my grandfather would say "this will all come out in the wash" I say fuck em feed em fish heads. I will help you in anyway I can and no matter how shity this whole ordeal has made you feel, I could not be prouder of you in the way you are pushing forward. Chin up face forward, if you hang your head they know they have won whatever little game they are playing. Look them straight in the eye, smile and raise the middle finger of your right hand and give them all a big ol FUCK YOU!!!!!!

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