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can i get any sicker?

**ok, i know the chemo is supposed to make me sick. it makes me nauseas, i did some puking for a few days, and i still hurt. i think i finally got all that straightened out with a new pain med and some phenergan... so far, my hair isnt falling out as bad as it did last year, thats a good sign, maybe the stuff my hair chick gave me actually works. i hope so.
**unfortunately, one of the other effects of taking chemotherapy drugs is having a nonexistant immune system. i knew this before. in fact, my immune system isnt that great to begin with. but someone coughed in my direction last night, and now im sick. sniffly nose, coughing, my body hurts (in general, as opposed to being in severe pain before, this is just in addition to that), my voice has gone to shit and my throat is sore. yay for me.
**i take my global business final tomorrow and im not ready for it, the rest of the finals are next week. i cant wait until next thursday, when this is all over with.
**i need a vacation.


i hear that england is nice this time of the century.

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