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no buslaw final for me... and heres why:

**ok, some of you will be surprised and some of you wont. anyone who's read this blog or talked to me on irc during the last 7 months knows how much trouble ive had with my business law instructor. im proud to say that after taking my third section exam tonight and receiving my grade for it... i will NOT be taking the optional final on thursday night! the reason: ive got an A! thats an A in the class without taking the final, ill be damned if im going to screw that up, lol... a 90.3 is an A by god. im half inclined to take a screenshot im so proud of it. to my knowledge, no one at our university has gotten an A from him. i could be wrong, but if im not, im damn proud to be the first (or one of them).
**now for the rest of my grades. i still have two more classes to go with him... one im worried about and the other im sure ill be fine. as for the rest of my classes, ive got those in the bag. :)

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