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on being sick

**i got my first shot on friday. i can tell you (having experienced this for the 7th time in 18 months...) that this is -not- fun. first of all, the needle is huge. and it gets shoved into my asscheek. then, when they push the liquid, it makes this disgusting noise, sort of like a gurgling noise... the kind that makes you think of "the squirts." i'm sure everyone knows what i mean by that. *gross*
**i felt like crap all day friday, but instead of going to bed like i should have, i ended up finishing preparing for a presentation for class on saturday. i didn't sleep well friday night, going to bed at 1115p and falling asleep after 230a is not cool.
**on saturday i got up at 520, to get ready for the drive to portales. i hate doing presentations. everyone got to my house around 7 and we left about 715. the presentations sucked. they -s-u-c-k-e-d-. we got home at about 5pm... and do i go rest? no. another stupid thing of me to do. hot flashes, freezing spells... oh, and i noticed more hair in my brush than usual. the hair-thinning begins! thankfully, i wont go bald.
**on going bald: my mom told me the other night that if all my hair falls out this time, she and my sister are going to donate their hair to locks of love. i think this is a very noble thing to do. on another note, we're doing the american cancer society's relay for life on friday night (the 29th)...


Sin, when my mom's hair fell out b/c of her chemo she wore an assortment of bandanas. I don't know if this is anything you are interested in or not but it worked for her.

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