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ugly little skanks...

went to go see my sister tonight while she was working. mom and i were taking her dinner because she's closing up the cafe tonight. when we walked in, there were two girls sitting on the couch, probably about 14-15 years old. they were dressed like preppy little skanks. one of them was wearing a paris hilton style skirt, you know the kind, where the girl's ass is hanging out the back of it. it was gross. anyway, we waited and waited. the girls got up and one went outside. the skirt decided she was going too - right along with the two cd's she hadn't paid for. i was livid. good thing the alarm went off on her, or she probably would have kept going. so, then they went to sit back down. half an hour later, they decided they wanted to order something. the skirt orders. she wants a frozen drink. frozen drinks take forever. i was standing behind them because i wanted an italian soda. she gets it. makes a rude comment. stink rings it up. the skirt says 'oh, you didnt ring up the cd's. duh!' so stink rings them up too. the skirt complains about the price and whines to her friend a bit. then the other one decides SHE wants to order - the same beverage. she couldnt be bothered to tell stink when the first one ordered. that would have made stink's job too easy. the skirt turns to her equally whorish friend and says 'ya know, if that girl wasnt so fat, she would probably work a lot faster.' this was in addition to several other snotty little comments about the service my sister was giving them. so i leaned forward between them and said something along the lines of 'listen up you anorexic little bitch, she's doing a good job and youre the idiot. if you dont like the service you get when youre rude to the person serving you, dont come back. you can also stop making your snide little comments or i will dropkick your fucking little ass right here, right now.' they turned around and looked at me in awe. i towered over them by a good 8 inches, and outweighed them by more than a few pounds. they started to mouth off and i said, 'that is my sister, AND my best friend. youd better watch what you say, especially when you dont know who's listening.' afterwards, they quickly left. stink wanted to know what i said to them, i told her. she thought it was funny. she was about to kick them out of the store.


Truly vanity lives in it's own world.

Sounds like the brats I went to high school with...it's good to know that some people can show them that they don't rule the fucking universe.


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