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for once, i had a great day. im really excited. today i went to the meeting for the new self-directed waiver (SDW) program, that some of my former clients are going to. their mothers/guardians have been nagging at me about it for weeks, so i went. i liked what i heard. information on the Self-Directed Waiver Program can be found here. they also want me to contract with them to do something called "pathways and maps" or something along those lines. i dont have a whole lot of information on that yet, so i'll post more as it becomes available. anyway, with the SDW, what happens is i get signed on with the consulting agency. they train me. people request me. im their consultant. it's a lot like case management, but 10zillion times better. more freedom, less paperwork, less BS. im really looking forward to doing this and i cant wait until they start sending me more information on it. essentially my 'role' would be defined as this (which is taken from the Mi Via Concept Paper) - Consultants:
Consultants will help participants to understand the program and develop and implement the service and support plan. Consultants must be familiar with the planning process, have knowledge about community resources and how to seek out resources, and understand Mi Via requirements related to planning, budgets and service and support utilization. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, consultants will be independent of the entities or persons delivering services or supports, as included in the participant’s plan and individualized budget.

so anyway, im really really excited and i cant wait until i can be a part of this. i dont think i could even begin to explain how excited i am. its going to be awesome. from what i hear, consulting for the SDW is a similar role as the case management i was doing for the DDW. except a whole lot better. its similar, but not at all the same. the people who were doing the presentation today said that itll be MUCH easier than case management, and that in fact, its been defined as the 'easiest' role for the SDW. more information when i have it...

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