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he actually called...

my dad called me tonight. that almost never happens. he didnt even want me to fix his computer this time. he wanted to talk, to check on me and see how things were going. its a miracle when he calls me, not the other way around. i guess im just as guilty for not staying in touch. except he should also make the effort. mostly i think its because his wife doesnt like me, or at least she doesnt act like she does. anyway, he called to check on me, and to see how things were, and to tell me he'd just gotten back from california. he said he got me something and told me i should come by the house and hang out and get whatever it is. thats one of the nice things he does, when he goes somewhere, he usually brings my sister and i back something. its sad. he lives about half a mile from me and i only see him a couple times a year.

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