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on a lighter note

i have an interview with the ONE remaining case management agency tomorrow at 2. DOH arranged it for me, they're sitting in on the interviews so there wont be any 'shady' deals made. do i want to work for them? not particularly, but it means i get to keep my clients (the ones that want to keep me, anyway).

btw, bozodog, i hope youre fucking happy now, im posting to my blog. now you can quit bitching that im so inactive.


Shit sin, I am sorry to hear that everything is going wrong for you. You waited and earned for this job and now this. I hope that everything works out for you! *Hugs*


Good luck with the interview Sin. Sorry to hear of your imminent redundancy but perhaps something positive can become of this? A new start and all that, as frustrating as it is at the moment

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