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June 06, 2006

just one of those days...

today was just like any other day... except all the disasters... i got up, got dressed, was actually going to make it to work on time (probably)... left the house at 745. i got to the batcave at 750. walked inside. let the dogs off their leashes. and what do i see?

my grandmother sitting on the floor of the sunroom.

she was facing away from me. so i said "what the hell are you doing there on the floor?" and she turned and looked at me, her face and whole body were covered in blood. she'd fallen out in the back yard. it turned out that she fell at 630, and had sat there for an hour and a half. so i tried and tried, and i couldnt help her up. mom and stink were in lubbock, so they were of no help. i couldnt get ahold of my dad. so i called justin, and called and called. finally i got ahold of him at 815, he got there at 830 and got her up. i took her to the emergency room. the bat's skin is like paper. there was gravel and dog hair and dirt and other junk under flaps of her skin.

so we walk into the ER and the regristration clerk wont even let her sit down because shes covered in blood, so 10 minutes of registration, standing, and then they take her back to triage. this nurse kept asking who her doctor was (six times!) and if she had passed out (three times) grandma answered the same every time... no, she didnt get dizzy, no she didnt pass out... she slipped on the damn gravel out in the back yard. finally we got through to the nurse and she put in all the information there then put her in the PEDIATRIC room. we sat there, and sat. then the nurse, sandy, came in. she really pissed me off. she starts lecturing us about how we shouldnt have waited so long and how we should have cleaned her up before bringing her in... excuse me, but isnt that the nurses job? she needed medical attention, not a goddamned bath. so sandy half-assed cleans the bat up, and we wait some more. its now 1030 and i finally went into the nurses station and asked what was going on. they told me the doctor was busy. of course, there were only three cars in the parking lot when we got there, so he couldnt have been too busy. they got one of the paramedic ER techs, darrell, to take us to the "fast track" area, which was anything but fast.

once we got there, darrell and another nurse, sid, spent three hours cleaning grandmas arms and face appropriately. after getting all the gravel and stuff out, they used skin glue and steri strips, and then some awful smelling antibiotic gauze on her, and then wrapped both her arms up. honestly, it looked like she had fallen off a motorcycle or something or maybe a burn victim. she's now at home, with gauze wrapped from her hands all the way up past her elbows. she hurts like hell. they didnt give her a prescription for pain meds. she didnt even see a doctor!

and then i go to work, at 2pm. got some stuff done there, left at 545. i went to go vote. i live on the edge of two sections, so i wasnt sure where to go. i went to the school first. they told me i wasnt on the list, so i went to the church (and no, i did not spontaneously combust when i walked through the doors). they told me i wasnt on their list either. so im angry... it turns out that im not allowed to vote in primary elections because im registered as an independent. seems to me like that's discrimination. i would say a good 20% of the population is independent. its secluding 20% of the voters then, by not allowing us to vote. something is wrong with this picture.