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July 07, 2005

Degrees and Mistakes

Ok... for those of you who I talked to a few weeks/months ago:
I finally got my degree posted. It should be in the mail soon... it reads--

Awarded: Assoc of Applied Science
Degree Date: May 06, 2004
Major: Computer Application Systems

Awarded: Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sci
Degree Date: May 14, 2005
Major: Applied Arts and Sciences
Concentration: Computer Information Sys
Human Resource Management

And to those of you who know me, and have listened to me the last 18 months... do you see anything wrong with what I just pasted up there? Something is there that doesn't quite fit... something that I don't think is really supposed to be there. Care to take a guess?

July 04, 2005

did i mention?

that its been about 110F here lately?
that i havent had an airconditioner at my house in several days?
that the insurance adjuster was a dickhead to me when i called to tell him the air conditioner was leaking and its been dripping through the drywall in the ceiling?
that we've been staying at my grandmas because the house is just about unbearable?
that rob moved in almost a month ago?
that i still dont have a job?
that i never even got a callback about that lousy interview? (see "lousy" posting)
that its too hot for anyone or anything to live here and i think its time for me to move?

July 03, 2005

UFO Festivals and Such.

its almost the fourth of july here in roswell. one of the main things our city/town is known for is a UFO crash that (supposedly) happened here back in 1947. every year during the summer, and most especially during the week of the fourth of july we have the UFO Festival. people swarm from all over the world to check out our city and the UFO Museum. we block off most of main street for about a week for this shit. i hate tourists. this is the worst time of year here in roswell. i remember as a teenager that we would go to my uncle's cabin in the mountains to get away from the freak crowds. back in 1997 when we had the 50 year anniversary, my friends and i would pile into cars and drive up main street and scream at the tourists to go home, that there was nothing to see, and to get the fuck out of the street and stop taking pictures of the museum because they were blocking traffic. we even had stuff thrown at us... we got to the point that we would start throwing shit back... im a bad, bad girl.