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March 30, 2005

oh, the time, how stagnant it sits

**its been a week since the surgery. sadly enough, im not feeling much better, but the recovery is expected to be rather slow, considering. i feel better than i did before the surgery. the pain is there, but its a different kind of pain. someone told me its caused by severed nerve endings trying to reattach themselves. i dont know if thats true, but i hope its over soon. i cant wait to feel "normal" again.
**time seems to sit still, but it moves on. i cannot wait for the semester to be over. i dont want to do projects anymore and i am sick of writing papers, that's for sure. 43 more days (counting non-school days, and weekends). that's a nice thought. its all downhill from here.
**i got an 87 on my 10.5 page paper that i write just before my surgery, and have to revise the other, but it isnt so bad. my classmates are funny, they've bribed me into proofreading their papers for them. apparently im the only one who isnt having to revise my 10 page paper... out of 13 other students. crazy. at least i didnt get accused of plagiarizing this time! *grin*

March 24, 2005


**so, im home now. i got here yesterday evening and have been online a couple times since, but i havent talked very much. according to my family, the surgery went well, though it was worse than they (and the doctor) expected. there were endometrial cells covering my right ovary and my left ureter, a "layer" of it on my abdominal wall, among other places, and scar tissue. the family says the doctor feels he got it all, as well as the scar tissue. at least i wasnt out of my mind and the pain wasnt unfounded. they took a lot of biopsies.
**i go back for a checkup on april 5. we'll see what the doctor has to say then, so for now... i just "recover".

March 22, 2005


**Today is Tuesday. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 730am, New Mexico time. Just wanted to let you guys know. I won't be active online past this afternoon, (unless by freak accident, I can get computer access tonight in Albuquerque). I will leave MSN and IRC on, but I'll be in lurk mode, so I won't be "online" until further notice. If anyone wants to email me, you can send it to: stress_junkie(at)hotmail.com or you can pm me on irc (at any of the networks I park on) and I will try to check in when I'm up to it. More than likely, I may be back online sometime Thursday afternoon/evening or on Friday. That is NOT a promise though.
**I called about my summons to appear in court for speeding in Texas (see last blog post)... all I have to do for now is send them a letter explaining why I won't be able to appear, for now, and they will take it from there.
**Thanks everyone who has been so supportive of me, especially the last couple of months, and more so the past couple of weeks and days. I know I've been a nutcase and I've been moody, but thanks for sticking by my side. It really means a lot to me.

March 19, 2005

do *not* speed in texas... EVER.

**my mom flew back from london today. she called my grandma from dallas and said "please send someone to get me, i want to go home, and i want to go home NOW!" so...
**leaving roswell going east, is under construction. we left at 530pm. lubbock is a three hour drive. going into lubbock from roswell is also under construction. needless to say, i was back in roswell by 11pm. this is both good and bad. good that i made great timing, despite stopping for various things four times and... getting pulled over!
**my LAST ticket, was back in 2002, about 20 miles south of where this one was... i was doing 71 in a 70, and the fine was $93.
**this isnt even a ticket! its a summons to appear in court! i was only doing 70 in a 55 and got pulled over AT THE SIGNPOST for 55!
**so the guy comes up and is like, "you were going 70 in a 55, do you have a problem?" and i said, "my mom just flew back from london, shes been travelling for 25 hours, i drove up from roswell to get her and am on my way back home. we just want to go home." so he tells me "thats too damn bad." and walks off with my license for 20 minutes or so. i rolled up the window and told my mom and sister that he was probably back there jacking off to my drivers license. anyway, i got the summons. finally i get home and read it and it says i have to APPEAR in court... on or before March 29. as many of you know, im having surgery in albuquerque on March 23. somehow im thinking driving 140 miles *one way* to take care of a ticket in the next 11 days is NOT happening. because:
*1 theyre closed on weekends
*2 i have 15-20 pages worth of term papers due before midnight monday, so i cant go then
*3 going to abq tuesday
*4 having surgery wednesday and coming home late that night or on thursday
*5 i dont forsee being in the mood for any further travelling on friday, and
*6 i go back to classes that next week...
**flips the bird at speed limits**
**perfect ending to a perfect day. i woke up at 430 this morning sick as a dog and spent the rest of the morning doubled over curled up on my bathroom floor. why do we lay on the bathroom floor when we're sick? ive always wondered that.
**btw, do the math. leaving at 530 and returning at 11 for a SIX hour trip through construction and stopping four times AND being pulled over... has to mean i was doing much more than 70 for a good chunk of that trip... perhaps i shouldnt wear heavy shoes anymore while driving. it could have been worse.