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February 25, 2005

naked men... everywhere, and not a one i'd touch

(Jeff) can you believe my mom.. she left me HOME... while she went to a strip show.. gawd..that's like my dream.. can you believe she did that to me?!?!

February 02, 2005


this space intentionally left blank.

February 01, 2005


so things are better. im still in my "emotional" state. but things are better. i am happier, and today my ankle is not hurting so much. also my other pains seem to have slightly subsided. i think that crying half the afternoon helped me feel better. sometimes its good to cry. and sometimes it helps to talk to people, especially that "one" person who seems to always make everything alright again. and those friends who never seem to let you down, the ones always there, willing to listen. and oftentimes those friends who give good advice, particularly if youre smart enough to pay heed to it.