January 02, 2008


for those who do not visit the naughtycloset forums, i am reposting my latest 'news' topic here in the blog:

over the past few years, the naughtycloset family has pulled together when one of us is in need. its usually in the form of emotional support, but more than once, its pulling together to assist someone financially. we have, in the past, donated money to people at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. we just do it. thats the way we are.

closetmonsters are a different breed of people. if you're one of us, then you know how true that is. if you arent, maybe one day you will understand, but i doubt it.

previously, someone's distress was discussed privately, through an email, or by text message. sometimes, its even a phone call. someone who just needs to vent, to get things off their chest. most of the time, those are aimed toward me. then ive quietly approached gimpi, therock, or cyberdad. we'd discuss privately, gather donations in secret, and then make a semi-anonymous donation to the friend in need. i recently realized that there's a better way... that way takes too long, for me, at least. so i started questioning our methods and thought of a different option.

hence my newest idea.... i'll call it "feet". you'll soon understand why.

after discussing with several people who have contributed previously, and a couple who said 'i would have, had i known you guys were taking donations.' we have implemented a different way to accept donations. the contributers have given it their blessing, and we'll move forward now to how this will work.

last night, i set up an email address feet @ and a corresponding paypal account with the same address. this is in hopes that over time, those who have given previously, and those who would like to do so in the future, can send money at any time, day or night, throughout the year. a couple dollars here and there adds up over time, and means a lot to the person who needs it. sometimes, that little bit is all they have.

people who find themselves in need can request funds from the feet account. i'll discuss it with the other contributors and we'll take a vote. provided the person has good reasoning (and generally we know the person's situation anyway, since we support emotionally as well) and that there is enough funds in the account, we will send a donation to the person.

we hope to help people get back on their feet as soon as possible.

if you'd like to contribute, please donate to feet @ and help others 'get back on their feet'.


-note- since the forums post that was made less than ten hours ago, we have already received donations to the 'feet' account. isnt that great?!

August 10, 2006

he actually called...

my dad called me tonight. that almost never happens. he didnt even want me to fix his computer this time. he wanted to talk, to check on me and see how things were going. its a miracle when he calls me, not the other way around. i guess im just as guilty for not staying in touch. except he should also make the effort. mostly i think its because his wife doesnt like me, or at least she doesnt act like she does. anyway, he called to check on me, and to see how things were, and to tell me he'd just gotten back from california. he said he got me something and told me i should come by the house and hang out and get whatever it is. thats one of the nice things he does, when he goes somewhere, he usually brings my sister and i back something. its sad. he lives about half a mile from me and i only see him a couple times a year.

April 17, 2006

im an aunt!

my friends Kelly and Jody just had their second child today. i was lucky enough to be there during the delivery. i am now the proud 'aunt' of a baby girl, born at 234pm mountain time. she weighs 6 pounds 15 ounces, and is 19 inches long. :)