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a quiet plea

i dont normally ask for prayers but i would like to appeal to my friends online to keep me, and some other people in my life, in their thoughts the next few days:

i have been hoping for a promotion at work for quite awhile now. i am hoping that will come later this week. if it doesnt, i will be angry and upset, and i will most likely be actively searching for a new job, because im sick of getting fucked over. there is no sane reason why a hardworking person with a bachelor's degree in management should be the second in command to a person who is lazy, as well as a high school dropout who barely got their GED.

my best friend, erika, will be losing her job tomorrow. she used to work in the same store i do, but due to circumstances beyond her control, her boss wants to let her go. sadly enough, its because the customers where she works are complaining that she wears too much black, and they think she's a devil worshiper - which she isnt. she was a christian missionary overseas for several years. if i am promoted at work, the she will probably be coming back to work with me, as my second in command. if not, she may lose the place she lives if she cant find another job soon. she has a four year old son.

one of my close online friends is in a bad place in life right now and is doing his best to overcome health issues that caused him to lose his job. because of that, he will be losing his home (like erika, but for different reasons). he is starting a new venture in life and we are all hoping that it takes off and does well.

another very close online friend has been nominated for an award, we will know if he is selected by monday, july 1. we hope everything works out because many good things will come from this nomination.

if there is anything else anyone would like to add, please feel free to do so. replies arent necessary but are certainly welcome.

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