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April 30, 2007

'fresh meat'

apparently we hired someone today. i cant say im necessarily excited about it, but i am glad that we finally found a somewhat decent person. she starts tomorrow, and will be training with me and judith for the next couple of weeks. itll be good to finally have four people working the store again. unfortunately... maybe fortunately, im not sure, when i talked with veronica this evening she told me she was glad that we hired somebody because she's about to put in her 2 weeks' notice. she's almost 7 months pregnant, so this hardly comes as a surprise. i look forward to working with this new one, charaty, i hope she works out.

April 26, 2007

random strangers

ok, after dinner tonight i decided to go to the post office before i went home. i walked inside and there was this guy, about 30 or so, a little shorter than me, dressed nice, hispanic... he was checking his mail and sorting it at the trash bin and as i walked past, he said to me, "you look nice today." i turned around and looked at him. then he said 'perhaps i should explain myself, so you dont think im some creep.' i looked at him more intently and said 'go on...' and then he told me 'for new years i made a resolution for myself to give a sincere compliment to a random stranger at least once a day. until today i hadnt broken it. i was feeling sick this morning so i called in to work, but then decided to come out and at least check my mail... which is when you came in. i knew it was perfect. you DO look nice today, you also looked a little down so i figured you could use a compliment. bad day?' i answered, 'thats a pretty neat resolution, congrats on being able to stick with it. and yes, it was a sucky day.' then he says 'well, i hope your week gets better. have a good night.' and then he walked out the door.

they had nothing else better to do, obviously.

ok, so im going for the gold in number of blog posts for one day. (i still have one more after this).

earlier today, about 420p i leave the house to go to the chiropractor, my appointment was pushed back from 245 because the chiropractor food poisoned himself and they were trying to fit in patients who'd missed their appointments earlier in the week because of it. so anyway, when i leave the house, with the three dogs happily sleeping inside, i only expected to be gone for about 15 minutes so i didnt lock the front door. MISTAKE! after leaving chris's office i realized that i was out of some of my medications so i decided to stop by the pharmacy, another 15 minute stop. when i got home today there were two cops and my next door neighbor standing in my front yard. (the wife of the guy i hate because hes always screaming and yelling and cussing at their nephew who lives with them, and likes to mow his lawn at the crack of dawn - literally - every goddamned weekend). well... apparently while i was gone, the wind blew the big door open because it doesnt have a proper latch. the dogs somehow managed to get the screen door open as well and they got loose. mind you, in this, id left my keys sitting on the coffee table right next to the front door. i get home and pat comes running up to me crying saying 'thank god youre ok!' im like, wtf?! and then she starts explaining. when she got home from work, about 445, she and matthew (the nephew) noticed my dogs were out, so they were nice and decided to round them up and bring them back to me... where they discovered both the front doors to my house wide open, my keys laying in the middle of the floor, a spilled sonic coke and half the lights in the house on... worried sick that something bad had happened to me - such as being kidnapped - they got the dogs inside and went back to their house to call the police. i got there a few minutes after they did. needless to say, it freaked me out and seriously embarrassed me that this happened. i was mortified. it is, however, nice to know that my neighbors care enough about me to be worried when something is out of whack with my normal routines. so anyway, im surprised PD responded that quickly, because it seems that they usually show up way after they're needed. they must have been in the neighborhood when the call came in, otherwise im sure they wouldnt have made it at all. *shrug*

note: must remember to lock at least one door when leaving the house, even if only for a few minutes.

April 25, 2007

new ideas

last week i read an... 'interesting' story on yahoo news and i was talking about it to gimpi. this sparked an idea for a new area on the naughtycloset.com forums. please welcome the 'what do you think about ...' section. the intent of this forum is to create a thought-provoking topic area where members can post questions, comments, and news stories that makes one go 'hmmm'. discussion is open, and we'd love to see what other people think. you can find the 'what do you think about...' posts here. we've already had several posts and many with feedback from our members.

also, if you'd like to become a member of our forums, you can go here to register. we'd love to have you.

who says you cant live forever?

yesterday before i went to work, i actually had a few minutes to spare so i sat down to read the paper. i got as far as the obituaries page before i actually stopped and really started to read. when you're young, you don't expect to sit down one day and find yourself staring face to face with someone you know on the obituaries page. thats what happened to me. a friend, someone i haven't seen in almost ten years, his graduation in fact, passed away a few days ago. jeremy was only 28 years old. people this young shouldn't die, for any reason... least of all kidney failure (which i read on my friend sandra's blog). jeremy was a good friend to everyone he met. i knew him my freshman year of high school, we hung out with the same group of people but i wouldn't say we were very close. he was closer with other people, but i still say he was a friend. jeremy was the kind of guy you could talk to and know that he was actually listening. he had a great band, uncle sid - definitely much better than the average 'local band', especially for such a small community. jeremy left behind two young sons, i feel sorry for them and the rest of his family because he was taken away so soon. while his body is gone, his spirit will live on in the memories of all the lives he touched. because he was such an awesome person, he will indeed, live forever. we will miss you, even those of us who havent see you in such a long while.

what really strikes me is that just the other day (friday) i was talking to one of the guys (will) who's in the same band (promise the casket) as my friend anthony. will and i were discussing local bands and how there haven't been any really good ones in a long time. i happened to mention jeremy and his band from back in the day. four days later, i find out he's gone...

April 20, 2007

hail damage

so, about a month ago we had a really bad hail storm - it was the week after gimpi and gnimsh came to visit. the hail damage was quite extensive for my poor little honda. i didnt realize just how bad it was until after the second hail storm we had a week after the first one. there's a nearly 8 inch crack in the passenger side (top) of my windshield, and the hood and roof look like swiss cheese (without the holes). the insurance adjuster said it looked like id parked my car in the middle of the driving range and left it for a week - then he asked if i lived anywhere near the golf course. i told him 'yeah, sure, about 6 miles away' (being a smartass). he thought it was funny... but anyway, unlike most people in my area, my car cant just go to one of the dent removal places, its going to have to go to a body shop and be practically rebuilt. damages:
*windshield - new
*hood - new
*take out interior headliner to pop out all the dents in the roof
*repaint the whole car
*take out headlights and replace
*new guards for the windows (because theyre dented all to hell too)

so anyway, my deductible was only $250 (which is good because my mom's was $1000)
and they cut me a check for $3300 (after the deductible)

lets just hope that it actually covers the costs for the repairs. i have to take it in monday to have the body shop look at it. :( the worst part is that the car will be paid off in june, and until the storms, it was in 95% as good of condition as the day i bought it - new. *sniffle*