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March 31, 2007

time MARCHes on

*a lot of stuff happened in march. mostly the first week was a load of crap. same shit, every day. work work work.
**the next week, was beginning march 12, when gimpi and gnimsh and danielle came out to roswell for their spring break. danielle flew from syracuse to minneapolis to hook up with gnimsh. then they flew to tucson to pick up gimpi. from there, on march 12, they drove from tucson to roswell. they got lost, despite the stellar directions i had given them more than a month in advance, and confirmed more than once along the way. i still havent quite figured out how they got lost IN roswell... its not like this place is very big or anything. i can forgive the fact that the day they came in was the day after time change, and that it was storming and dark. they didnt show up until after 9pm, though we'd been expecting them around 7-730. (/me flips the bird at alamogordo, everyone gets lost there...)
**we ate dinner when they finally arrived on monday night, though i did have to go hunt them down, because gimpi gave gnimsh the wrong directions - telling him to turn on the truck bypass thinking it was main street - and main street was a good four miles or so further east than they turned off. they were exhausted. on tuesday we went to carlsbad caverns, and it was fun. i think we all had a good time. we went to a bar/grill hole in the wall for dinner on the way home. wednesday brought forth downtown roswell and the shitty UFO museum. we had a great lunch and a 'pub' called farleys with stink and her friend cara. that night, we went and saw 300 in the theater, and we were late, which sucked because we couldnt all sit together. then they got to check out our alien walmart. unfortunately, they had to go home thursday morning and were gone before i even woke up. the best part of the 'roswell incident' was that we all got together at my house wednesday night and bullshitted for a couple of hours and split a bottle of wine. gnimsh even left me a reminder of the visit by changing all my fridge magnet alphabet to file extensions. (normally we have witty/rude comments spelled out on the side of the fridge. they got to play with my wang and we've got pictures. thats a whole other story in itself.
**the part that sucked the most out of the whole trip - other than the fact that justin drove like, 1200 miles in four days - as well as having flown across the country, was that none of us thought to get any planned group pictures, not until it was too late at least. so now we're planning another meeting in the future so we can actually do what we had intended to do this first time. i guess you could say we were all caught up in the moment, and then it was too late. thats partially my fault since i absolutely despise having my picture taken for any reason. it was really hard to say goodbye, so (from my perspective) we essentially ignored it and let it go. the minute they were gone i wished they hadnt left.
***a week after the two G's and a girl left, we found out that my sister's current roommate and her werent getting along so she decided to take my dad up on his offer for her and her friend cara to move into his vacant house. so, thursday the 22, justin, me, cara, stink, dad, his wife, and our step-sister kiska all converged on the apartment and got her shit out of there. it wasnt a pretty sight.
****most recently - this past week has been spring break. it has been nothing but 'disasters'. first disaster was judith and i got into a heated argument on monday night because she was deciding to take some time off this week in addition to the days she was already taking off. she didnt think i needed to know about it. i found out anyway, through erika. i called judith on it. it didnt get pretty. i called sherri, the district manager, that night to let her know what was going on in the store, because of all the petty bullshit thats going on and to tell her basically that im sick of it. i got my ass chewed on tuesday. enough for me to call my friend that works in our carlsbad store and cry (YES CRY) on the phone to her for almost an hour. on wednesday afternoon, erika drops the bombshell on me - she gave me her two weeks' notice. she found another job that pays better and will guarantee her more hours. i cant say i blame her but my heart is broken. now i really dont want to stay working where im at. i had thursday and friday off, but then soon realised why ive been sick all week and had so much trouble with my asthma lately. ive been going over to stink's house while she was painting and not realising that she was using latex based paint. anyone who knows me also knows i have a severe allergy to latex. she knows about the allergy, but didnt think it consisted of fumes - only skin contact. i didnt think about it until i had a severe reaction at her house and had to come home immediately for my asthma and anti-allergy medications. its saturday night and i still cant breathe. and i think im getting sick.
*****on a lighter note: on monday i will be receiving a brand new refridgerator. this rocks. its a whirlpool stainless steel satina fridge. ill take pictures of it when it gets installed on monday morning after i take bobo back to the vet for his checkup. im giving stink my old fridge and am getting a new one. im so excited!! kitchen remodel, here i come!!