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september eleventh

** today is the five year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. i hate saying anniversary because that word brings to mind happiness, joy, and all things good. an anniversary is supposed to be a happy day to remember. this is not. a lot has changed in the past five years. the way we travel, the way we think. i remember where i was five years ago, when i first heard. the schoolday was just starting, i was still asleep. my mom, a fifth grade teacher at the time, was getting her students ready to start the day. the morning news was on in their classroom, a project meant to bring world events to children, most of them who didnt have television. she watched as the first broadcast of the first plane hit the world trade center. she called me from her cellphone. i made it out to the school in time to watch the second plane hit. it was devastating. im sure most americans felt the same.
** i remember watching her students and their various reactions. some of them in awe, some crying, and some, sadly enough, laughing. it made me sick. i asked why they were laughing, they said that it was just like a video game. they thought it was fake. i only wish it was. i remember being mad, angry at them. i asked them if they thought people dying was funny, being murdered. some of them didnt care, most got a clue.
** i remember several friends immediately joining the armed forces. mostly i remember sandra. she was the only female friend i knew who joined up. she made it back. some of my friends havent. i dont know if they ever will. i miss them, and i hope they're ok.
** so, here's to those who died that day, and to those who have died serving their country. may you and your families be blessed, and know that your loved ones have not died in vain.
** i will always remember; it would hurt too much to forget.

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