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thunder and lightning

it seems like its been raining for days. probably because it has. off and on for about 3-4 weeks now. its been humid as hell. anyway, i was out on the back porch with my dogs earlier this afternoon when lightning struck the house, tree, and transformer in the back yard. the dogs ran for cover. i stood there like an idiot. obviously i got knocked offline and didnt have electricity for a couple hours. it was crazy. it flooded here also. i took some great pictures of my street and the surrounding neighborhood and major streets in the vicinity. it doesnt rain here like that very often. i was talking to the neighbor across the street. she says she's lived there for almost 40 years and she's never seen it flood this bad. especially not on our street. the water was about 1/3 up my driveway. glad ive got an SUV (a small one, but certainly better than the civic). ill try to post pictures of the flood tomorrow. it really sucked though when the transformer blew... i was in the middle of talking online and all of a sudden BANG!! there it went. and i couldnt get back on to say what had happened. anyway, that was the 'fun' of the day.

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