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wake me up when september ends

**ok, so i guess the word is pretty much out. im losing my job. the company i work for will be closing its doors as of august 31 (thats the target date, at least), but it may - unlikely - extend into september. on friday, while i was in carlsbad, i decided that i needed to start telling people. i told their internal case managers and a couple of other pertinent people. i talked to a friend of mine who works there, he offered me a job as HR director. unfortunately, i dont really want to make a 160 mile commute every day. it was a nice gesture though. i also called the door and told amy about it. she asked me when i was going to tell the guys, i told her i didnt know.
**on my way home from carlsbad, i got a phone call from someone i used to work with. apparently everyone in albuquerque already knew we were closing, even before the employees did. he too, offered me a job. another nice gesture, but that would mean either a 400 mile commute, or a move. neither of which i want to do.
**on monday, i was setting up a visit with one of the guardians. she already knew about it, and she offered me some insight to some employment possibilities. she's great. almost like having another mom.
**today i went back to carlsbad and started telling some of my clients. the one person i figured would take it the hardest did a really great job of accepting the bad news. im really proud of him, hes worked so hard the last few months, and its gotten him a lot further than hes ever been. he thanked me for 'everything ive done for him.' that was really nice, it even made me cry (on the way home). i told him though, that i didnt do anything for him, i made it possible for him to do things for himself. i think he'll be ok. probably we're going to keep in touch, most likely through email. im glad he handled it well, he handled the news better than i did.
**on the way home, i ran into a nasty rain storm. blinding rain for about 15-20 miles, with marble sized hail. im so excited that the car came out without so much as a scratch in the paint. driving 30mph for 20 miles was NOT fun. on a lighter note, between artesia and roswell, i did a 40 mile drive in 25 minutes. im not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but i did pass two sheriff's deputies and a state trooper. no ticket this time. guess today was my 'lucky' day...

51 days until im unemployed... let the countdown begin.

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