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the day from hell

i had a hell of a day.

i bought a computer yesterday. got three emails from dell:
1: your order has been received.
2: your oder has been confirmed.
3: your bank has blocked this purchase, please call your bank.

so anyway, i was in artesia on my way to carlsbad today, and i stopped by the atm, got $40 out, it gave me the money, gave me the receipt, and then ate my card. so i called the bank. of course when i called the artesia branch (the one i was at), they took the information (purchase, card eating atm) and said they'd call me back. they didnt. so i called the roswell branch. i cant get it back until friday, but they did clear my purchase. they thought my card had been stolen. the account has a $1000 limit on online purchases. everything above that needs approval first, or they block it.

and then.. i transitioned about half my people in carlsbad. it was really sad, and i looked really stupid because i didnt have the files with me (we were told we couldnt take the files). and the other case manager was upset because we didnt have all the information, not that i could help it.

so i came home, fixed the problem with dell, and then went back out to midway to do a visit at 5 and one at 6. it made me sad, i felt like i was saying 'the last goodbye'. one of the guardians, of a client ive had for almost a year, sat and cried with me. she seemed just as upset as i was. she even hugged me for awhile. its hard saying goodbye. just because im sorry (that im leaving) doesnt mean i havent enjoyed these people all this time...


Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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