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One day speaks to another
Night shares its knowledge with another night
The music goes through all the earth
Words reach to the end of the world
Rise at one end of the heavens
Touch the farthest ends of the earth
Nothing hidden.
Never failing.
Simple. Wise. Pure.
True and righteous,
Sweeter than syrup or honey,
Cleanse me.
That I might be blameless,
Innocent of my transgressions.


My Love, My Enemy

Show me how marvelous true love can be
Keep me in the shadow of your wings
Hide me from the wicked who obstruct me--
Those who press me hard and hem me in,
Watching and waiting to bring me to the ground
My enemy lies eager, crouching in ambush.
Let me meet them face to face, and bring them down.
Save my life from the wicked;
Thrust them out of my world
Let me be blessed with a vision of you when I awake.

The bonds of death hold me fast,
Destruction overtakes me,
The bonds tighten around me,
The snares of death were set to catch me.
In anguish, I cried out to you
I called for help, and there you were.

Smoke rising, glowing coals, and searing heat
Thick darkness lying at your feet.
You swooped in on the wings of the wind,
Darkness like a canopy hiding your face from them.
But there you were, coming to my rescue once again.

You make me feel blameless
Make me swift
Make me secure
My hands are trained for battle,
And my feet will not falter.
I will pursue my enemies and overtake them.
I will not return until I have ended them.
I will strike them down and they will not rise again.
They will fall beneath my feet.
There will be no one to help them.
I will pound them fine as dust and scatter them among the wind.
Like mud in the streets, I will trample them.

People I never knew will come to me
They shall obey me
They will come cringing to me
Wandering in and falling captive.
Blessed be my rock, high above them all.