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August 02, 2008

forgot to mention

forgot to mention something else major in the last post... i am now almost bald. i cut off 41 inches of hair and donated it to Locks of Love, the place that makes wigs for kids with cancer. maybe one day i'll post pics. not now, dont ask - CORY AND SEAN.

its been awhile

Yeah, I’m looking and I see my last post here was in February. Guess things have finally caught up to me and its time to make a post. So much has changed in the last few months; I don’t know where to begin.

I guess the most important thing (to me) right now is that last night the news reported information on the plane crash that killed my dad and four others almost a year ago. It’ll be a year on Tuesday. I can’t believe he's been gone that long and it still rips me up every single day that he isn’t here. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get past that, and this news was a devastating blow to me. I can’t imagine how the others feel... my friend Kelly called me last night while I was on my way home from a work trip out of town and my grandmas (I hadn’t been to my house yet and had stopped at the cave to hang out awhile). Kelly was watching the local/Albuquerque news last night and they reported that the plane crash was essentially the pilot's fault. They said that the national transportation safety bureau (NTSB) had found that Ricky had taken an antihistamine that day and it MAY have made him drowsy, thus causing the crash. full story is located here. id like everyone to know that in my heart Ricky was NEVER at fault and never will be, as far as me and MY family are concerned. We don’t even believe the crash was an accident, and instead believe that it was an act of divine intervention. Obviously, my dad, Deanna, Ricky, and the smith family were needed more somewhere else, instead of here, with us. And when I say MY family, I refer to my mom, my sister - stink, my grandma - the bat, and myself. There are others who don’t see it the way we do, of that I am quite sure. They are NOT my family, and I could give a shit what they think. My dad, Deanna, and Ricky died trying to save a child’s life; they died doing good, and that’s good enough for me.

Recently, my sister and I decided that in honor of our dad, we'll be making regular food donations to the local Humane Society and Animal Control. Dad didn't just save humans, he saved pets too. We thought "what better way to honor Dad than to start a 'legacy'" of sorts. If we had the money, we'd be doing more, but this is what we can do now, and it makes us feel good knowing that we're making a difference too. We've lost four pets since we lost Dad and we know in our hearts that Dad's taking care of them, wherever they are.

And in other news, I have quit my last job and now have another. I am now the proud owner of the title "New Mexico Department of Health Long Term Services/Developmental Disabilities Supports Division Southeast Regional Office Training Coordinator". Quite a mouthful, right? Thankfully, it can be shortened to "SERO Trainer", lol. I started there on June 30th. I consider myself very lucky. Both my bosses (one in our office and one in Las Cruces) are absolutely awesome to work for. All my co-workers and the others from the statewide training unit are great. It’s nice to work for a place that feels like family and know you have the support of everyone you work with. So far, I'm loving this job. Mostly, it's been paperwork and getting a feel for all my job responsibilities, because I'm not certified to train all the courses yet. Essentially, I'll be training people to do the jobs I used to do - the case management and services coordinator type stuff, and eventually some of the direct care stuff as well.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST!! I'll *finally* be having my hysterectomy on Tuesday, to get rid of all the cancer and stuff. The chemo was pretty much a failure and things got a lot worse than I expected. I finished my last treatment the day after I came home from the MVP thing in Seattle. I was told that we'd set up a 4-6 MONTH timeline for the surgery at my one month chemo follow-up appointment (which was scheduled for early June). At the June appointment, I was told things didn't look so good and that it was being changed from 4-6 months to 4-6 WEEKS. The first surgery was scheduled for July15th, but I'd just started a new job so it got put off until August 5th. The one year anniversary of my dad's passing. At first, I was a little uncomfortable with it, but then thought to myself "What better way to do this, than to do it now and say 'Hey, Dad! Look! I'm finally getting it taken care of!'" I'll probably be making a place on the forums for Gimpi to keep people updated on how things are going. I'll be in the hospital 3-4 days and on bed rest for two weeks, at the least.

Anyway, I think that's enough catch-up for now. Hopefully, I'll find the time to keep things updated here instead of posting twice a year. :)