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December 21, 2006

lucky me.

on monday night, i wasnt feeling so great (i was working)... my sister was nice and brought me a burger and some cheese tots from sonic. i ate the tots and then about 1/3 of the burger. within an hour i started feeling really really sick. the tots were greasy and i dont eat greasy foods very often so i figured that maybe that was the problem. i went home after work, nearly doubled over from cramps and stomach pains. i told gimpi and maxnmike that i felt like i was going to die. i took a bath and then went to bed. i didnt stay there long. between 1130 monday night and 700 tuesday morning, i got up to barf more than 20 times.... that averages every 20 minutes or so. (not that you really wanted to know this). i couldnt sleep, i could barely move. i was crying... or trying to at least. by this time i was thinking that i either had food poisoning or the flu. i was very wrong. i called my dad, then my stepmom, and got an appointment to see the doctor she works for. justin drove me up there. the doctor asks a bunch of questions. looks like the flu, sounds like the flu. probably its the flu. then he started feeling around on my belly. big mistake. he got clocked in the groin (and no, it wasnt intentional, it was a reflex.) he sent me for lab tests. they came back with bad results. he then decided i had appendicitis and sent me across the street for a surgical consult. by this time, im trying to cry, but i cant because im too dehydrated. the surgeon asks, 'do you want to do a CAT scan to see? or shall i just open you up?' i told him to skip the CAT scan, because it costs as much as the surgery and it wastes time. i then got shuffled next door and admitted to the hospital. turns out my appendix was a 'ticking time bomb' as he called it. if we'd waited much longer, it probably would have burst. i had to spend the night in the hospital. that sucked because either my IV or my neighbor's IV machine was going off all night. she snored. people would come in our room and leave the light on. it was noisy and bright. two things that prevent me from sleeping. i got released yesterday and have been sleeping ever since. i think making this blog post has been the longest ive been awake since i got home. i didnt get to finish my christmas shopping. in fact, i didnt even really get a chance to start it. :(
tuesday was my day off, justin called judith and told her i was having emergency surgery. then, after my surgery he goes to call her from my cell to tell her i was out and finds that she'd called a few times. we still dont know why. i didnt go to work wednesday (duh) and i called her just now and she was asking if i was feeling well enough to come back to work. christ. i told her that my discharge instructions say i cant go back to work until at least after then 29th of december, and technically i cant even drive until then either. she said she'd call naomi (our district manager) to see what needed to be done. (i think maybe she wants to get rid of me? *shrug*) but i called naomi and left her a voice mail telling her about the surgery, the hospital stay, and the doctor's orders about not going back to work. i cant wait to see what happens next. im sure judith is pissed because its the weekend before christmas, and its only her and veronica, and the girl she just hired. i guess she'll just have to get over it. id rather be working than doing what im doing now.
so anyway, i feel like crap, and im going back to bed.

December 06, 2006


ive had some interesting customers at work. some of them have been really nice, others have not. and still others just stuck out in my head.
for instance, the two women that showed me their boobs.
one night, when i had no other customers, i had a woman come in looking for body jewelry. i asked her if she was looking for tongue, nose, eyebrow, labret jewelry. she replied 'other.' not the answer i was expecting.
she asks me, so, what gauge do they use for nipple rings?
hell if i know. i called my sister. she called our friend who does piercings. he said that standard is 14 gauge, some are 16's.
i tell the woman this.
she pulls up her shirt, flops out her boob, and asks 'is this a 14 or a 16?'
aghast, i tell her that its a 14, and then point her to where she needs to be looking.

then, theres another woman, who came in a couple weeks ago, again - when the store was dead. she says she wants to get a second piercing in her earlobes. i joke with her, ask if she's going to pass out or barf on me. she says no, that she has several tattoos. then proceeds to open her shirt and show me. it wasnt a pretty sight. to tell you the truth, i wanted to vomit.

and then the nice family, daniel, emily, and their mom lauri. they were awesome. one sunday night they came into the store, emily was looking for a necklace. they ended up talking to me for almost an hour. emily didnt find what she
was looking for, but her brother daniel and i had a really nice conversation. we had a lot in common, though i suspect that he is a couple/few years younger than me. they were a great family, and if im still working here, i hope they come back soon. i really enjoyed 'hanging out' with them.

and then there's the guy, jason C, who came in to get his right ear cartilage pierced. twice. this guy was a weirdo. he had a dermal punch in his left cartilage (similar to a hole punch, only for skin) that was about 1/4 inch. he had 3/4 and 1" gauge earrings in his earlobes (one in each, different sizes). and he had his tongue split down the middle. this guy gave me the impression of a stalker... im serious. he even had the nerve to ask me out, and when i would be working next so he could 'come visit'... it creeped me out.

Black Friday

why people shouldnt shop the day after thanksgiving. nor should they be forced to work. i should have made this post a couple of weeks ago, but ive been so busy with work that i havent had a chance to do it.

for years, i have always been against working in retail. now i know why. the 'latest' job ive been working, had me opening the store the day after thanksgiving, also known as black friday. i work at a store in the mall. not only is this store tiny in comparison to the other stores in the mall, but we also have more product on the shelves than anyone else. the store was packed. i had to go early to open... on my way to work i noted that target's parking lot was so full that there were cars -in line- to get into the parking lot, and that some people had actually parked on main street. i, for one, am not that desperate to be crowded into a store with hundreds of other people. (also, home depot's parking lot was full... i thought this was rather amusing.) anyway... i worked almost the entire day, and i was very worn out. we brought in more that shift than we had all week and the week before put together. unfortunately people were rather rude. its not like we didnt have any sales that day that we didnt have any other day. people were shoving each other around in the store. it was a circus. i cant imagine what would be so important in our store that people couldnt buy on any other day of the year... much less anything worth shoving other customers over.

i can honestly say i have never been one of -those- shoppers.

December 04, 2006

work... or lack thereof.

bitching about work

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*i* *am* *not*

why im NOT emo.

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