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im sure that this presentation probably exaggerates the evils of facebook, but one cant be too careful with the information they give out online.

presentation on facebook evils can be found here.

i found this link by accident when i was looking for something else and happened across a blog called "brokensaints". whoever put the presentation together did a very good job and it does appear to be rather believable, by today's standards. one cant necessarily blame everything on facebook alone though, certainly myspace is just as much at fault.

after watching the above link, what do you think about facebook/myspace/etc now? i, for one, am glad that i dont own a facebook account and have no intention of getting one. it also makes me secondguess having a myspace account. sure glad i dont have too much revealing information on there. god knows that i keep a lot of things to myself, and for good reason.
I just don't understand why some people feel the need to tell the entire world every little thing about their lives. Do they not have any friends they can confide in and ask advice from?

Personally I stay as far away from those type of sites as I possibly can.
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