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Full Version: Dil Has A Nice Side?
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-~dil- yanno, no-one can call me /completely/ heartless.
-~dil- i'm going to be lending my PSP to my mother so she can use it to show photos of my nan's wedding to my grandma tomorrow.
-~dil- and i just spent the past 3 hours or so trying to figure out how the hell i can make the psp show the photos in order
-~dil- seems it goes by creation date, but ignores time differences of less than a certain amount.
-~dil- finally fixed it by forcing the timestamps to be a minute apart from each other, in acending order
-~dil- i'm way too nice.
-~dil- especially seeing as i even went as far as installing .net framework 2 beta 2 (which also required windows installer 3.1) just to get a piece of software i ultimately didn't need working.
i always knew you had it in you, now if we could just prove it to everyone else...
no no no! no proving! hiding. yes, lots of hiding! do you have any idea how this would harm my reputation if it leaked to the general public?
too late already. It has
NOW! we know.....
arse :/
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