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Full Version: Why Dil Hates Kids.
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-~dil- i hate kids
-WhiteWind- so do i
-~dil- while riding along, some lovely little shit decided it would be funny to throw some shit or another at me.
-~dil- took all my strength and self control to not stop the bike, stroll over to him (read: run in a raging hell) and beat seven shades of shit out of him.
-~dil- then yell at the mother.
-~dil- kick the kid a few times.
-~dil- and yell some more.
-~dil- instead, i amazingly managed to stay calm and just continue the last 2 minutes home.
-~dil- i'm actually quite proud.
Why Dil... I just love kids. *FRIED* in beer batter with chips and coleslaw.
hold the coleslaw and you got a nice meal there.
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