courtesy of her myspace:

About me:
I am a kid in a grown-up's world. I would much prefer to be playing video games, reading comics and watching tv than working, but that's how the world works. I love cats, games, food, media, snarking on things, laughing, exploring and investigating. I work at the library. It's not as fun as I thought it would be. I want to work in retail, which everyone else in the universe informs me as a bad idea. I balk. I am a homebody, anti-social, lazy, introverted and withdrawn. I sometimes wonder if I'm bipolar and other times if I'm a sociopath. I'm in a weird mood today, so I will probably change this later. I worry incessantly about everything. I think way too much. I'm scared of things that might not exist. I want to be independant and find someone I can depend on. I like to contradict myself. I'm already regretting this version of an about me.

my god. i think thats the most she's ever said in her entire life. i thought this was interesting enough to share though... its amazing the way people will describe themselves. at least with Amanda, shes right on the money.