probably learning to follow directions is not her strong suit... apparently the name #help didnt give her a clue as to where she was...

[22:29] <Kristine> not sure if i am in the right place?
[22:30] <Jeff> whats up?
[22:31] <Kristine> was looking for a horse room.. where am I??
[22:31] <sin> the help channel
[22:31] <Jeff> in the network support channel
[22:31] <Kristine> Ok sorry
[22:31] <Jeff> Kristine: type /join #E-R
[22:31] <Jeff> i think its E-R
[22:31] <Kristine> is there a list of rooms?
[22:31] <Jeff> or is it ER
[22:31] <Jeff> one sec
[22:32] <Jeff> lemme check for you Kristine
[22:32] <Kristine> ok your awesome
[22:32] <Jeff> yea, Kristine type the following:
[22:32] <Jeff> /join #E-R
[22:32] <Jeff> just like that
[22:32] <Jeff> that's the only horse room on this network
[22:32] <Jeff> as far as i know
[22:32] <Kristine> ok still here
[22:33] <Jeff> type it and hit enter
[22:33] <Kristine> join/ #E-R
[22:33] <Jeff> no
[22:33] <Kristine> LOL I sux
[22:33] <Jeff> /join #E-R
[22:33] <Jeff> just like that ^