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now keep in mind that the line <CCMike> got to tell'em twice and then lead them by the hand
was supposed to said in another room OOPS!!!

Evan_> hey guys i have a question about using the print screen key
<CaT> k
<CaT> whats the question?
<Evan_> well i am trying to make a tutorials for powerpoint and i need a picture of each step so i need to show them to click File then open but i use the print screen key and press alt but when i do that the File menu dissappears
<CaT> why u pressing alt?
<Evan_> because i need a picture of just that window
<CCMike> Evan_, with the desktop showing use ctrl + prnt screen to copy and ctrl + V to paste the desktop image
<CaT> use the
<CaT> ewrr follwo mike he typed it befor eme
<CCMike> or ther windows you want a copy of
<Evan_> sorry mike i only understand thata bit
<CCMike> - r -s
<Evan_> can u explain again (sorry)
<CCMike> open the window you want a copy of the ctrl and the print screen keys together
<CCMike> do it
<Evan_> okay hold on
<Evan_> i did but it shows all the other widnows open behind it
<CCMike> ok now go to the pp frame your making and put the cursor where you want the screen shot
<Evan_> okay hold on
<CCMike> and press ctrl + V keys together
<Evan_> it woks fine in pp but in word it does not it shows all the other windows behind it
<CaT> brb bios update need to reboot
* CaT has quit IRC (Quit: CaT)
* Pandy has joined #bleepingcomputer
<w00t> [Pandy] {{{Hello}}}
* w00t sets mode: +o Pandy
<CCMike> the open the windows you want to full view and copy it
<CCMike> -s
<Salemander> sari will want that s
<Evan_> o okay
<Evan_> thanks mike
<CCMike> yw
<robroy> {{{{Pandy}}}}
<Pandy> {{{robroy}}}
<CCMike> Pandy!!
<CCMike> robroy!!
<CCMike> hehe
<Pandy> Mike!!! smile.gif
<robroy> CCMike!!
<robroy> lol
<CCMike> got to tell'em twice and then lead them by the hand
<CCMike> oops
<CCMike> wrong room
<robroy> lmao
that was so funny laugh.gif laugh.gif
btw welcome to the closet CCmike
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