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in #help:

[12:32] * Joins: Ricky (
[12:32] <Ricky> hey guys
[12:32] <Ricky> im in Channel vhost
[12:32] <Ricky> and im requesting
[12:32] <Ricky> no one is answering
[12:49] <Ricky> Hey usrbingeek
[12:49] <Ricky> u there
[12:50] <hellsbells> i think you have to be registered for 60 days before you can get a vhost.
[12:50] <hellsbells> youve still got about another week to go.
[12:50] <Ricky> no it says 30 on the Website
[12:50] <hellsbells> that, and its saturday. people are 1: sleeping or 2: out doing stuff.
[12:51] <Ricky> ive been here for 3 months
[12:51] <Ricky> actully mopre thn that
[12:51] <hellsbells> no you havent.
[12:51] <hellsbells> or at least you didnt register your nick
[12:51] <Ricky> more like 5
[12:51] <Ricky> Dud
[12:51] <hellsbells> more like, you registered on july 27.
[12:51] <Ricky> Dude
[12:51] <Ricky> no
[12:51] <Ryan> dudette
[12:51] <hellsbells> [12:50] -NickServ- Ricky is The Power to Freeze
[12:51] <hellsbells> -
[12:51] <hellsbells> [12:50] -NickServ- Ricky is currently online.
[12:51] <hellsbells> -
[12:51] <hellsbells> [12:50] -NickServ- Time registered: Jul 27 15:31:49 2006 CDT
[12:51] <hellsbells> -
[12:51] <hellsbells> [12:50] -NickServ- Last quit message: Quit: Ricky
[12:51] <hellsbells> see, look
[12:52] <Ricky> thats wrong
[12:52] <Ricky> oh
[12:52] <Ricky> I know why
[12:52] <hellsbells> i seriously doubt that but sure, ok. whatever you want to think.
[12:52] <Ricky> cuz my nickname wasnt Ricky when i came here
[12:52] <hellsbells> fine, but thats still when you registered.
[12:53] <Ricky> i registered my channel like in June
[12:53] <Ricky> and created my website a moth ago
[12:53] <Ricky> *Month
[12:53] <hellsbells> what's your channel?
[12:53] <Ryan> #TeenActors created on Thu Sep 07 16:20:27 2006
[12:53] <hellsbells> hehe
[12:53] <Ricky> What ever
[12:54] <hellsbells> with the exception of last year's crash
[12:54] <hellsbells> SERVICES does NOT lie.
[12:54] <Ricky> i know when i came here
[12:54] * Parts: Ricky (
[12:54] <hellsbells> yes, get mad because youve been proven wrong, by not one, but two people.
[12:56] <Ryan> lol
yeah well, his "cuzin" wasn't very bright either

*** Jeremy ( has joined #naughtycloset
[maxnmike] hello Jeremy
<Jeremy> hello Max
<Jeremy> Nice channel
<Jeremy> My cuzin Has One
<Jeremy> too And A webSite
[maxnmike] as do a great many people in here
<Jeremy> you Get a lot Of People in here
<Jeremy> All the time
[maxnmike] that depends on what you would consider a lot of people
<Jeremy> oh
<Jeremy> idk
<Jeremy> 30 people
<Jeremy> seems a lot to me
<Jeremy> Wana Check My cuzins Channel
[maxnmike] not really
<Jeremy> He usally has Like 8 People on there
<Jeremy> but now its only 3
<Jeremy> oh
<Jeremy> you DOnt
[maxnmike] that's the way it goes sometimes
<Jeremy> well i saw ur site
<Jeremy> whats it spose To be About
[maxnmike] actually, it is hellsbells site, we just hang around for the fun
<Jeremy> oh cool
* CCMike welcomes Jeremy with a hearty...err.... What was I going to say?
<Jeremy> lol
<Jeremy> Well Thankx mike
* CCMike welcomes Jeremy with a hearty...err....Who are You??
<Jeremy> lol
<Jeremy> Im Rickys cuzin
<CCMike> errr...ya sure you are
[maxnmike] and who is ricky?
<CCMike> my next question
<CCMike> reading my mind maxnmike
Some more idiotic things:

[07:50:48] * %Ryan sets mode: +bb homework!*@* 9AM!
[07:50:56] <+prettygirl> middle
[07:50:56] <@Danny> heh
[07:54:24] <@Ricky> ryan
[07:54:27] <@Fatso913> ill have to ask
[07:54:28] <@Ricky> what is that
[07:54:50] <%Ryan> lol...what does it look like?
[07:54:56] <+Pink-Floyd> Bye youi guys
[07:54:59] <+Pink-Floyd> *You
[07:55:10] <@Danny> bye
[07:55:12] <+Pink-Floyd> see you tommorow
[07:55:14] * +Pink-Floyd ( Quit (Quit: .•«UPP»•.)
[07:55:33] <@Ricky> a banned person Ryan
[07:55:37] <@Ricky> but who

Obviously Ryan didn't really ban anyone tongue.gif
I have noticed in this Ricky's ident there is nick@whateverthehell

Now in BC there was a Nick there for a long time that never hardly ever said anything. I keep wondering if this Ricky is that Nick. IDK tho is I cant recall what this previous' whois.. was lol

Just a suspition I have had.
anoth idiot is right, he sent me 4 invites to join his channel, even made me %. and that was after I told him no more invites
He is even worse than fatso913 and that took some doing
dry.gif Robroy im trying to change sorry for giving you trouble man. wink.gif
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