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Closet Forums > Rants and Raves > people are idiots
[21:17] * Joins: Guest (
[21:18] <Guest> hello
[21:18] <Leurgy> Hi Guest
[21:21] <Guest> any body can help me
[21:22] <Guest> im having trouble with some thing
[21:22] * Quits: Guest ( (Quit: Guest)
[21:23] * Joins: Guest (
[21:24] <Guest> hello
[21:25] <Leurgy> Guest, ask your question. If someone can help they will
[21:27] <Guest> im having trouble opening a file
[21:29] <Guest> how can i fix this?
[21:30] <Atri> lemme guess a dxr file
[21:30] <Atri> lol
[21:30] <SnowPunk> omfg its like you you already knew!
[21:31] <therock247uk> well see ya all (going to bed) be back tomorrow
[21:31] <therock247uk> good nite
[21:31] * Leurgy stands in awe of Atri
[21:31] <Guest> ?
[[21:33] <Guest> excuse me?
[21:34] <sin> youre excused.
[21:34] <Atri> what is supposed to open the file?
[21:34] <Guest> can some one help with my question?
[21:34] <sin> what was it?
[21:35] <sin> all i saw was 'excuse me?'
[21:35] <Guest> my question it
[21:35] <Leurgy> we already helped. sin said you were excused
[21:35] <Guest> how can i fix my reader?
[21:35] <sin> what reader?
[21:36] <sin> what are you trying to open?
[21:36] <Atri> reinstall it
[21:36] <Guest> a file
[21:36] <sin> what KIND.
[21:36] <Guest> its in a cd
[21:36] <Guest> im trying to open it
[21:36] <Guest> but it will not let me
[21:36] <sin> probably its broken.
[21:36] <sin> or else you need to give me more information.
[21:36] <Guest> the cd is brand new
[21:37] <sin> or im just going to keep answering you with stupid questions/answers.
[21:37] <Leurgy> yup, sounds good to me, its broken all right
[21:37] <Guest> i dont get you
[21:37] <sin> thats ok, we dont get you either.
[21:37] <Guest> ok
[21:38] <Guest> let me repeat my question
[21:38] <sin> try to give us the whole story this time.
[21:38] <Guest> i have a file in a cd
[21:38] <Guest> when i open it
[21:39] <Guest> it cant read the file
[21:39] <sin> probably adobe doesnt open those kinds of files.
[21:40] <sin> but since you wont tell us what it is
[21:40] <sin> we dont know what youre talking about.
[21:39] <sin> we still need to know what kind of file it is.

it continues:

[21:54] <Guest> hello
[21:54] <Guest> ?
[21:54] <Leurgy> !post
[21:54] <UberGeek> Post a log in the Malware Removal Forum -
[21:54] <sin> *snicker*
[21:55] <sin> good job Leurgy
[21:55] * Quits: Tj|away (Tj@3BAF850C.289195B0.C294F9B1.IP) (Connection reset by peer)
[21:55] <Leurgy> sin smile.gif
[21:56] <Guest> helloo
[21:56] <sin> HE ANSWERED YOU!
[21:56] <sin> [21:54] <UberGeek> Post a log in the Malware Removal Forum -
[21:56] <sin> ^^ right there ^^
[21:57] <Guest> why?
[21:57] <sin> because you need to
[21:57] <Guest> i need help with some tihng
[21:57] <sin> you need a lot more help than with just one thing.
[21:58] <Guest> yes
[21:58] <Guest> i need a lot of help
[21:58] <sin> we figured that out already.
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