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Full Version: Monitor Rotation
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[14:22] * Joins: Guest060 (
[14:22] <Guest060> can someone help me
[14:22] <williesbest2> sure
[14:22] <sin> Guest060, what's up?
[14:22] <Guest060> ya umm my screen is sideways can you tell me how to fix that?
[14:23] * sin coughs
[14:23] <Guest060> anyone
[14:23] <sin> turn the monitor back over on its correct side?
[14:23] <williesbest2> what do you mean by sideways?
[14:23] <williesbest2> the whole monitor?
[14:24] <Guest060> i mean that the pictures and the letters and every thing just turned sideways
John L
Umm did the user get it fixed or what?? blink.gif
yeah... strangely enough -- by me!

[14:33] <sin> right click your desktop, choose properties. select the settings tab and click the advanced button. another window should pop up and it will say something like, but maybe not these exact words on one of the tabs "intel extreme graphics" click the button that says 'graphics properties' there should be a tab called 'rotation'
[14:33] <sin> check that
[14:34] <Guest060> ok thank you very much i fixed it
[14:34] * Quits: Guest060 ( (Quit: Guest060)
[14:34] <sin> omg, i helped someone.
[14:34] <williesbest2> lol
[14:34] <rstones12> the crowd goes wild
[14:35] * sin never helps people
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