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Full Version: Print Head Error
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[14:39] <Guest522> excuse me but when i try to print it says print head error
[14:39] <williesbest2> print what?
[14:39] <Guest522> print head error
[14:39] <williesbest2> no what are you trying to print?
[14:39] <therock247uk> is it plugged in? and is there any paper in it?
[14:40] <williesbest2> and is it turned on?
[14:40] <Guest522> well anything we just got a new cartridge but when we put it in and tried to print it says print head error
[14:40] <sin> did you take the tape off the end of the cartridge?
[14:40] <Guest522> no
[14:41] <Guest522> please hold on a second
the cure for stupidity _ remove all warning labels and the problem will cure itself
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John L

Thats why me damn printer won't work, Doh!!!!!!
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