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so it all started out in #help:

[16:21] * Joins: WyldUser40906 (
[16:21] <WyldUser40906> hello
[16:21] <Jeff> hi
[16:21] * sin feels the need to be EVIL and bad today
[16:22] <WyldUser40906> trying to get a handle on how the rooms work here
[16:22] * WyldHelp sets mode: +l 30
[16:22] <Jeff> whatca need to know?
[16:22] <Jeff> /join #channelnamehere
[16:22] <Jeff> and /list for a list of all the channels here
[16:23] <WyldUser40906> i will try that, thx
[16:23] <Jeff> np
[16:26] <WyldUser40906> what's a real popular room for adults jeff?
[16:26] <Jeff> adults?
[16:26] <Jeff> what kinda discussion you looking for?
[16:26] <WyldUser40906> yea...wanna talk about romance, dating, sex, etc
[16:26] <WyldUser40906> i have a cam too by the way for what that's worth
[16:27] <Jeff> hmm.. we don't really have a channel like that perse...
[16:27] <sin> ...
[16:27] <WyldUser40906> alrighty then...guess i'm going to back to yahoo then
[16:27] * sin waves
[16:27] <WyldUser40906> hi sin
[16:27] <Jeff> we do have some channels...that our open to many dicussions though
[16:28] <Jeff> are*
[16:28] <WyldUser40906> i was told to try this out, that is was 'hotter' than yahoo
[16:28] <Jeff> but we don't have a 'cybersex' channel
[16:28] <sin> lol
[16:28] <sin> not this network
[16:28] <WyldUser40906> mIRC network you mean
[16:28] <Jeff> yea, some other networks do, but not this one...just be careful
[16:29] <Jeff> a lotta weird people lol
[16:29] <Jeff> from many different countries
[16:29] <WyldUser40906> oh i know...i'm always careful
[16:29] <Jeff> MOST networks like that have people from places other than the USA and UK, etc..
[16:30] <WyldUser40906> i understand...i was told this place had a 'cybersex' type room tho
[16:30] <Jeff> ahmm
[16:30] <Jeff> well, there is #naughtycloset which is sin's channel
[16:30] <Jeff> but
[16:30] <Jeff> it's not really a cybersex channel at all
[16:30] <WyldUser40906> oh yea...anyone in there right now sin
[16:30] <Jeff> its more of an open discussion channel
[16:30] <WyldUser40906> oic
[16:30] <sin> theres 35 people in there
[16:30] <Jeff> as sin can probably tell you
[16:31] <sin> who told you wyldryde had a cybersex channel?
[16:31] <sin> and did they happen to mention the name?
[16:31] <Jeff> i'm betting they named #naughtycloset if they named something lol
[16:31] <WyldUser40906> yea, hold on...i think i have an ID
[16:32] <sin> probably so Jeff, but it never hurts to ask.
[16:32] <WyldUser40906> didn't name a room per se...just said to find this person's ID
[16:32] <sin> could be #lockergnome
[16:34] <Jeff> hmm
[16:34] <Jeff> wow..searchirc has a very complex process for submitting networks
[16:34] <Jeff> lol
[16:34] <imheretohelp> lol
[16:35] <sin> jeff, you are SO going to have to check out the closet forums later
[16:36] <Jeff> i was there quite recently
[16:36] <Jeff> but lemme know when to
[16:36] <Jeff> i'm going out in a little bit.. but shouldn't be for too long
[16:36] <sin> ok
[16:36] <sin> if youre not here i'll pm the link
[16:36] <Jeff> kk
[16:36] <sin> you opened up a can of worms
[16:36] <sin> tongue.gif
[16:37] <Jeff> O.o
[16:37] <Jeff> i did? lol
[16:37] <sin> oh yeah
and then he joins #nc:

[16:31] * Joins: WyldUser40906 (
[16:31] <Gnimsh> sweet my CPU usage is at 100% and my ram is at 79% while I rip an IFO file to avi format
[16:31] <dilandou> that's sweet?
[16:31] <sin> hello WyldUser40906
[16:31] <Gnimsh> not really, but its funny
[16:31] <Gnimsh> It takes a lot to get it that high
[16:32] <dilandou> encode video. that'll get it higher.
[16:32] <Gnimsh> lol
[16:32] <Gnimsh> k
[16:32] <WyldUser40906> hi everyone...i'm new
[16:32] <dilandou> so am i.
[16:33] <dilandou> this is only my second day on irc.
[16:33] * porta_gimp has been here like a week
[16:33] <WyldUser40906> i'm male, 46, in SC w/ a cam...interested in females
[16:34] <WyldUser40906> for hot i in the right place?
[16:34] <sin> im female, 24, nm, and interested in females too!
[16:34] <sin> what a coincidence.
[16:34] <CCMike> i'm male, 46, live in CT and i'm interested in males
[16:34] <WyldUser40906> that means we're in hate that
[16:34] <dilandou> i'm a female, 23 in IA w/ cam
[16:35] <WyldUser40906> hi Dilandou
[16:35] <dilandou> heya ^^
[16:35] <WyldUser40906> unless you somewhat into older men, i'm prolly too old for you, no?
[16:35] <sin> dil will fuck anything
[16:35] * sin coughs
[16:35] <WyldUser40906> how do we see one another in here?...with cams i mean
[16:35] <dilandou> older men can be more... energetic. for sure.
[16:35] <therock247uk> im female, i live in the uk and im 20 looking for females
[16:36] <WyldUser40906> i've been told i am.... smile.gif
[16:36] <dilandou> nice. smile.gif
[16:37] * Joins: DS (
[16:37] <sin> hey DS
[16:37] <WyldUser40906> so tell do ppl share cams in here?
[16:37] <DS> I am male 29 looking for sexy goats on cam
[16:37] <dilandou> irc isn't made for cams.
[16:37] <sin> DS is a cam whore
[16:37] <DataBrokers> I got two cams on right now
[16:38] <WyldUser40906> ahhh, well, what's your fav source to cam
[16:38] <DS> but how bout two goats?
[16:38] <DataBrokers> No, just us squirrels
[16:38] * Joins: music592 (
[16:38] -> -DataBrokers- DS is my husband
[16:38] <music592> ello
[16:38] <SubWolf> Wee, whos doing what.
[16:39] <SubWolf> Literally.
[16:39] <dilandou> i've never done cam before.
[16:39] <DS> goats for me
[16:39] <sin> hi music592
[16:39] <dilandou> i only got the internet last week
[16:39] <music592> ello
[16:39] <WyldUser40906> you have a yahoo ID dilandou
[16:39] <DS> the net is new to me also not many connections here in India
[16:39] <sin> some of us actually prefer sheep
[16:39] <dilandou> yahoo is a website?
[16:39] <sin> goats are too dirty
[16:40] * Parts: music592 (
[16:40] <sin> looks like we scared music off
[16:40] <sin> oh well.
[16:40] <DS> but they have horns to grab
[16:40] <WyldUser40906> well, yahoo is many things, but it is also a place to chat & share cams
[16:40] <WyldUser40906> where u from dilandou?
[16:40] * sin wonders who in here does ghey buttseks, besides SubWolf
[16:40] <dilandou> i already said, IA
[16:40] <DS> yahoo is full of cam whore goats
[16:40] <porta_gimp> WyldUser40906, are you into amputees?
[16:40] <WyldUser40906> oh ok...SC here
[16:41] <SubWolf> Nobody?
[16:41] <sin> yeah, he probably does SubWolf, but hes not in here anymore.
[16:41] <DS> only when I think the legs are in my way
[16:41] <SubWolf> LOL
[16:41] <WyldUser40906> have you used your cam online b/4 dilandou?
[16:41] <dilandou> nope.
[16:42] <dilandou> i don't even know how. it came with the computer.
[16:42] <DS> wow i had to buy mine
[16:42] <WyldUser40906> you wanna know how?
[16:43] <DS> but the directions were in spainish, so i have no clue how to work it
[16:43] <dilandou> i dunno. would i have some weirdo's looking at me?
[16:43] <WyldUser40906> you control who looks at you
[16:43] <DataBrokers> I've seen dil, I'm not sure I would want to look
[16:43] <sin> dil is hot!
[16:43] <sin> mmm dil
[16:44] <DS> dilandou could i look at you and pretemd your a gaot? PLZ
[16:44] * dilandou blushes
[16:44] * sin shudders
[16:44] <SubWolf> dil has large...
[16:44] <DS> horns?
[16:44] * Joins: NerdyGurl33 (
[16:44] <dilandou> well. you could. but wouldn't a goat be a better picture to look at?
[16:44] <WyldUser40906> and i just smile really big
[16:44] <NerdyGurl33> Hey guys!!
[16:44] <sin> NerdyGurl33!
[16:44] <sin> my favorite piece of ass!
[16:44] <NerdyGurl33> sin!
[16:45] * SubWolf humps NerdyGurl33
[16:45] * NerdyGurl33 sticks her hand down SubWolf's pants
[16:45] <DS> get off her leg subwolf
[16:45] <WyldUser40906> well, dilandou so you wanna know or not today
[16:45] * sin turns up the heat
[16:46] <dilandou> not today. maybe tomorrow i'll look into it.
[16:46] <DS> hot to hot
[16:46] <porta_gimp> come on dil! it could be fun
[16:46] * sin starts stripping
[16:46] * SubWolf cooks goat stew for all
[16:46] * NerdyGurl33 massages sin
[16:46] * sin bends over for NerdyGurl33
[16:46] <DS> dont forget the balls my fav
[16:46] <dilandou> but you've been online longer. i'm still getting used to all of this.
[16:46] <WyldUser40906> okay then...lemme give you my email ady cuz i think i'm gonna split to more has voice and live cam
[16:46] * NerdyGurl33 gets the strap on
[16:47] <sin> oh hell yes!
[16:47] <sin> the big one, plz!!
[16:47] <WyldUser40906>
[16:47] <sin>
[16:47] <sin> lame!
[16:47] * NerdyGurl33 rams sin
[16:47] <sin> unf!
[16:47] <sin> no lube this time?
[16:47] <DS> like a goat
[16:47] <sin> sad.gif
[16:47] <NerdyGurl33> You know you like it, bitch.
[16:47] <WyldUser40906> get it dilandou?
[16:47] <dilandou> <-- mine.
[16:48] <DS> knot holes in a fence are lots of fun aswell
[16:48] <WyldUser40906> thx...send me a pic and i'll send you one too if you want
[16:48] <dilandou> sure. biggrin.gif
[16:49] <DS> thats pix dumas
[16:49] <porta_gimp> WyldUser40906, i have my own website
[16:49] * Joins: Gurlygirl37uk (
[16:49] <Gurlygirl37uk> hi!
[16:49] <sin> dil is a sexy bitch
[16:49] <WyldUser40906> I look forward to hearing from you dilandou...what's your name btw? i'm Dan
[16:49] <WyldUser40906> hi Gurlygirl
[16:49] <sin> oh oh, threesome!
[16:49] <dilandou> i'm dylan. smile.gif
[16:49] <Gurlygirl37uk> hiya wink.gif
[16:49] <WyldUser40906> k, thx
[16:49] * Gurlygirl37uk *pounches* on sin
[16:49] * sin takes Gurlygirl37uk and NerdyGurl33 into the corner
[16:49] <porta_gimp> WyldUser40906 -> <- that's my website!!
[16:49] <WyldUser40906> 3-some...did someone say 3-some
[16:50] <NerdyGurl33> whee
[16:50] <Gurlygirl37uk> heheee!!!
[16:50] * NerdyGurl33 gets naked
[16:50] <DS> change of venue for me
[16:51] <WyldUser40906> mmmmmm, so does wylduser
[16:51] * Gurlygirl37uk bites NerdyGurl33 playfully
[16:51] * NerdyGurl33 giggles
[16:51] * sin gropes
[16:51] * Gurlygirl37uk likes
[16:51] * NerdyGurl33 licks sin
[16:51] <DS> now i want to see cams of girls bakeing cookies
[16:51] <WyldUser40906> am i gettin in the way of some girl on girl action here...? LOL
[16:51] <sin> thats the way men are
[16:51] * NerdyGurl33 fondles Gurlygirl37uk
[16:51] <Gurlygirl37uk> oh!!!!
[16:52] <WyldUser40906> damnit...i keep trying to stop, but i just can't sometimes
[16:52] * Gurlygirl37uk licks NerdyGurl33
[16:52] <NerdyGurl33> ohhh
[16:52] <WyldUser40906> i think i have this movie
[16:52] <dilandou> so do i.
[16:52] <DS> there is a movie about this chat room rtfo
[16:53] <WyldUser40906> perhaps we should get together and watch it dilandou
[16:53] <WyldUser40906> lo
[16:53] <WyldUser40906> lol
[16:53] <dilandou> maybe. but i never watch porn on the first date.
[16:53] <SubWolf> Second, minimum.
[16:53] <WyldUser40906> ya know, that's a very good rule
[16:53] * Joins: s3xyb1tch (
[16:53] <NerdyGurl33> s3xyb1tch!
[16:53] <SubWolf> s3xyb1tch!
[16:53] <Gurlygirl37uk> !!!
[16:53] <DS> <<<eats cheetoes all the time and might explain my yellow ?
[16:54] * Gurlygirl37uk gropes s3xyb1tch
[16:54] * NerdyGurl33 rips s3xyb1tch's top off
[16:54] * Joins: h0t0n3 (
[16:54] <WyldUser40906> <<<<trying to buy dilandou a drink so i can ask her to dance..
[16:55] <sin> apparently s3xyb1tch isnt talking?
[16:55] * Gurlygirl37uk fondles NerdyGurl33 a little *giggle*
[16:55] <dilandou> hey now. i'm not that cheap. it takes at least 3 drinks and a 20 minute interesting chat to get me in the mood for dancin
[16:55] <Loki> LOL
[16:55] * NerdyGurl33 giggles
[16:55] <Loki> we;; umm
[16:55] * Gurlygirl37uk wiggles
[16:55] <WyldUser40906> on cum's like it's watching porn..LOL
[16:55] <Loki> dilandou: when did you get a sex change?
[16:56] -> -Loki- shut up
[16:56] <SubWolf> !?!
[16:56] <DS> 1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g3t l41d
[16:56] * Quits: s3xyb1tch ( (Quit: s3xyb1tch)
16:56] * Joins: Bondster (
[16:56] * Erebus sets mode: +h Bondster
[16:56] <NerdyGurl33> aww
[16:56] <NerdyGurl33> Bondster!
[16:56] <dilandou> what's like watching porn. dancing?
[16:56] * NerdyGurl33 gropes Bondster
[16:57] -> -Bondster- just play along. we're fucking with WyldUser40906. he thinks this is a sex room.
[16:57] <WyldUser40906> what do you mean a sex change...isn't dilandou a female...?
[16:57] -Loki:+#naughtycloset- BLAH sorry.
[16:57] <Loki> It was a joke
[16:57] <DS> i still have no idea what it says but i am learning pretty damn fast
[16:57] * Bondster gropes NerdyGurl33 back
[16:57] <NerdyGurl33> hey sexy
[16:57] <WyldUser40906> nooo, i said it's 'not' like watching porn...something you don't do on the first date
[16:57] <DS> dilandou is not only female
[16:57] <WyldUser40906> ohhhh phew...that's good to know...i almost needed to take a shower
[16:57] * Gurlygirl37uk drags sin into a private room toys in hand
[16:57] <sin> oh goody!
[16:57] <DS> but one hot little peice of ash
[16:57] <NerdyGurl33> ohh
[16:57] <NerdyGurl33> can i cum
[16:58] <NerdyGurl33> ?
[16:58] * NerdyGurl33 giggles
[16:58] <sin> hope you brought the double headed dildo!
[16:58] <SubWolf> Nngh
[16:58] <WyldUser40906> making me swell over here
[16:58] <Gurlygirl37uk> if you like wink.gif
[16:58] <dilandou> oh i'll dance on a first date, but after a few drinks and a good chat
[16:58] <NerdyGurl33> double headed dildo?! that's a shocker!
[16:58] <dilandou> not like any guy can come up to me and i'll grind up against them or anything.
[16:58] <DS> smell or swell my screen needs cleaning to muck jizz on it?
[16:58] * Gurlygirl37uk notes her toys are all clean and ready to be......
[16:58] <h0t0n3> utilized?
[16:58] <Bondster> doubleheaded?
[16:58] * h0t0n3 grins
[16:58] <WyldUser40906> i hear ya...was just trying to make small talk and let you know i was winking at ya
[16:58] <Bondster> i got a tripleheaded one
[16:59] <dilandou> glancing over the bar, like?
[16:59] <WyldUser40906> uh huh
[16:59] <WyldUser40906> like that
[16:59] <WyldUser40906> having a drink sent over
[16:59] <SubWolf> Triple-headed.... like, 'the shocker' on one side?
[16:59] <dilandou> the shocker. what's that?
[16:59] <Bondster> thats what some people like to call it
[16:59] <DS> its not for the faint of heart\]
[17:00] <Bondster> i call it the tickler
[17:00] <NerdyGurl33> dilandou: two in the pink, one in the stink
[17:00] <dilandou> ooh. sounds like fun.
[17:00] <WyldUser40906> oh yea
[17:00] <DS> B====D~~~ aw i needed that
[17:01] * sin wonders if Pierce is here
[17:01] <sin> hes about the only guy id.....
[17:01] <NerdyGurl33> take the dildo out so you can speak, Pierce
[17:02] <NerdyGurl33> I heard you gagging
[17:02] * NerdyGurl33 giggles
[17:02] <DS> really likes to rub PB&J on his balls so his goat will lick it off
[17:02] <WyldUser40906> oh well Dylan...i really hope to catch up with you can really be fun
[17:02] <dilandou> i'll have a look at it tomorrow biggrin.gif
[17:02] <Pierce> im a little tied up at the moment, its difficult to type with your toes you know!
[17:03] <sin> fondle me, you sexy little whore
[17:03] <WyldUser40906> go here ( and d/l the program and perhaps we'll talk yahoo ID is: dan_cam420
[17:03] <NerdyGurl33> heehee
[17:03] <DS> lucky
[17:03] <DS> i wish i neede two hands
[17:03] * Gurlygirl37uk fondles sin
[17:03] * NerdyGurl33 rides sin
[17:03] <sin> oh yes!
[17:03] <Gurlygirl37uk> ohh! 3 some
[17:03] * sin is getting wet just thinking about it
[17:03] * Bondster gets the cellophane wrap
[17:03] * Gurlygirl37uk licks sin up
[17:04] * NerdyGurl33 burries her tongue in sin's throat
[17:04] <dilandou> cool dan. i'll "see" you there. biggrin.gif
[17:04] <DS> man the girl on girl is such a turn off for me, but to each is own
[17:04] <WyldUser40906> i'm going online there right now...look me up
[17:04] <dilandou> i will biggrin.gif
[17:04] <DS> takes all kinds to make the world go round
[17:04] * sin flips DS the bird
[17:04] * sin uses the rest of her fingers on Gurlygirl37uk and NerdyGurl33
[17:05] <WyldUser40906> very cool...bye Dylan
[17:05] <DS> stick it up you life partners ass why dont ya
[17:05] <NerdyGurl33> ohh yes
[17:05] <Gurlygirl37uk> ohhhh!!!
[17:05] * Gurlygirl37uk enjoys
[17:05] <dilandou> bye dan smile.gif
[17:05] <sin> bye Dan, come back some other time
[17:05] <sin> my life partners LOVE em
[17:05] <DS> and bring a gaot
[17:05] <sin> me*
[17:05] <DataBrokers> this room is really really bad :-)
[17:06] <sin> DataBrokers, you know you want to join in
[17:06] <WyldUser40906> i will, thx for the fun chat...everyone seems like a hoot...i like ppl that don't take themselves too seriously
[17:06] <sin> youre the one that has a sex hotline
[17:06] <NerdyGurl33> Give it to me, grampa
[17:06] <dilandou> being serious is pointless. biggrin.gif
[17:06] <WyldUser40906> hear hear...raising my drik to's to you miLday
[17:06] * sin looks shifty
[17:07] <WyldUser40906> miLady
[17:07] * dilandou chinks her glass against dan's and downs the glass
[17:07] * NerdyGurl33 readjusts the anal beads for sin
[17:07] <sin> dilandou deep throats
[17:07] <WyldUser40906> ahhhhhh, that's a good one
[17:07] <DS> like the movie
[17:07] * dilandou does a good job of it too
[17:08] <WyldUser40906> she sure does
[17:08] * Gurlygirl37uk helps NerdyGurl33
[17:08] <DS> doesent dribble or nothin
[17:08] <sin> and she swallows
[17:08] * NerdyGurl33 nibbles Gurlygirl37uk
[17:08] <dilandou> oh sure. i love the taste.
[17:08] <DS> and enjoys it
[17:08] <WyldUser40906> perhaps next time we can have some body shots of tequilla
[17:08] * Gurlygirl37uk likes
[17:08] * Gurlygirl37uk gets wet
[17:08] <dilandou> maybe. biggrin.gif
[17:09] <DataBrokers> 54 degrees in downtown North Pole
[17:09] <Bondster> makes the nipples hard
[17:09] * NerdyGurl33 hands Gurlygirl37uk a blow dryer
[17:09] * sin wonders if Michelle is awake yet
[17:09] <DS> ohmy.gif << blowers cramp
[17:09] * Gurlygirl37uk licks Michelle
[17:09] * Quits: WyldUser40906 ( (Quit: )
[17:09] <sin> ok guys
[17:09] <sin> good job
[17:09] <porta_gimp> heee
[17:09] <dilandou> hmm.
[17:09] * porta_gimp takes a cold shower
[17:09] <therock247uk> LOL
[17:09] * NerdyGurl33 vomits
[17:09] <dilandou> i feel i coulda done so much more with that
[17:09] * Quits: NerdyGurl33 ( (Quit: are you in the closet?)
[17:09] <sin> so his name is dan mortimer.
[17:09] * Parts: h0t0n3 ( (Leaving)
[17:09] * Gurlygirl37uk vomits in a shoe
[17:09] * Quits: Gurlygirl37uk ( (Quit: )
[17:09] <dilandou> but i just don't have the energy right now
[17:10] <sin> great job guys. i think we had success!
[17:10] <dilandou> almost disappointed with myself
[17:10] <therock247uk> LOL
[17:10] <SubWolf> That was...... interesting.
[17:10] <Loki> sin: sorry
[17:10] <Loki> LOL
[17:10] <DS> was fun people my work as the sick beasteality guy is done now
[17:10] <Loki> that was crazy
[17:10] <Loki> shall i post a log for ya?
[17:10] <dilandou> hmm. i'm almost tempted, however, to actually set up that email addy i gave him
[17:10] <porta_gimp> do it
[17:10] <porta_gimp> doo it
[17:10] <sin> no Loki
[17:10] <sin> i got it
[17:10] <Loki> alrite
[17:11] <sin> do it dil!
[17:11] * Bondster watches the bash submissions
[17:11] <dilandou> hmm. good point. i should
[17:11] <Loki> hell ya dil
[17:11] <Loki> contiune the fun!
[17:11] <Loki> w00t
No wonder no one plays in here...... Where is dan_cam420?
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