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Full Version: Who The Hell Is Dvs?!
Closet Forums > Rants and Raves > people are idiots
[21:45] <rambro> hi sin
[21:45] * Quits: therock247uk ( (Leaving: )
[21:46] <sin> hi rambro
[21:46] <rambro> hey do you know that person "dvs".
[21:46] * Quits: shoeless ( (Leaving: <Space For Rent>)
[21:47] <sin> yes
[21:47] <sin> why
[21:47] <rambro> She was on fire tonight in the chatroom.
[21:47] <jwbirdsong> I though everyone knew dvs rambo
[21:48] <rambro> hold off jwbirdsong.. hehe...
[21:48] * Joins: therock247uk (
[21:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +o therock247uk
[21:48] <Aaron> sleep well?
[21:48] <ryukava> who's dvs? tongue.gif
[21:48] <jwbirdsong> lol
[21:48] <Pandy> lol he must have forgot something
[21:48] <therock247uk> i thought everyone knew that its comman sence!
[21:48] <therock247uk> geez
[21:49] <therock247uk> gone
[21:49] * Quits: therock247uk ( (Leaving: )
[21:49] <Aaron> at least it wasn't common sense tongue.gif
[21:49] <sin> lol
[21:49] <rambro> some woman, I think...
[21:49] <sin> so, rambro, whats wrong with dvs?
[21:50] <rambro> She had her claws out tonight.
21:50] <sin> doesnt she always?
[21:50] <rambro> Well, she was acting kind of bitchy, but I could be wrong.
[21:51] <sin> dvs is always bitchy.
[21:51] <ryukava> lol
[21:51] <jwbirdsong> she's usally a sweet heart to me
[21:51] <sin> thats because you kiss her ass, jwbirdsong
[21:52] <rambro> jwbird, everybody likes you, lol.
[21:52] <jwbirdsong> cuz i'm 'scard of her sin
[21:52] <sin> as you should be
[21:52] <sin> so, rambro, what'd she do?
[21:52] * ryukava is now known as ryukava|afk
[21:53] <sin> bye ryukava
[21:54] <rambro> Well, nothing really big, but she likes to poke users with a sharp pointy objects, and it got me thinking...
[21:55] <sin> that maybe dvs is me?
[21:55] <rambro> Oh really...
[21:55] * sin is now known as dvs
[21:55] <dvs> dvs is * wilted
[21:55] <dvs> dvs has identified for this nickname
[21:56] <dvs> [18:35] * Quits: dvs ( (Leaving: you dont even know me.)
[21:56] <dvs> plateau is my grandmothers ISP
[21:56] <dvs> at home i use cableone.
[21:56] * dvs is now known as sin
[21:56] * Joins: Gnimsh (
[21:56] * pi snickers
[21:56] * pi sets mode: +v Gnimsh
[21:57] <sin> so, rambro, care to continue bitching about me?
[21:57] * Gnimsh pretends like he was here all along
[21:57] <sin> lol Gnimsh
[21:57] <sin> you might as well have been
[21:58] * Gnimsh imagines a scene from roadrunner where there is only smoke where rambro once stood
[21:58] <rambro> but anyway, it got me thinking about what woman/girls know what to go for on a guy if their is any trouble...
[21:59] <Gnimsh> there*
[21:59] <Gnimsh> I think its instinctual in PEOPLE, not just women...
[21:59] <Gnimsh> eyes/face and genitals. Eh?
[21:59] <rambro> the latter thing, gnimsh.
[22:00] <sin> what the hell did i do, rambro?
[22:00] <rambro> No, I'm only kidding relax.
[22:00] <rambro> sin, I know dvs is you.
[22:00] <sin> you do now.

*zing* probably he still doesnt know what the fuck hes talking about. sad thing is, neither do we.
All I can say is he's one of the strangest characters I ever met laugh.gif
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