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Full Version: Frozen Hard Drives
Closet Forums > Rants and Raves > people are idiots
[21:13] <Stormzor> wut happens wen i put an hdd in the freezer for 20-30 min and then put it in the pc and turn on as fast as i can?
[21:14] <sin> that would be a bad idea.
[21:14] <Helio> metal shear
[21:14] <Stormzor> i wuz just told that it might work
[21:14] <davisbaumung> y are we putting it in the freezer
[21:14] <sin> it might also short out and catch on fire.
[21:15] <Helio> iirc, that's an urban legend
[21:15] <Stormzor> this prsn said that it worked on his xbox
[21:15] <Helio> you do realize, that the worst thing you can do to metal parts it to have a massive change in temperature, right?
[21:16] <Helio> that expansion and contraction can only help with some probs
[21:16] <Helio> not a fix all
[21:16] <Stormzor> u kno the legacy 4pin and the sata power?
[21:17] <Stormzor> ?
[21:17] <Stormzor> well i plugged both in at once and idk if thats the prob
[21:17] <davisbaumung> hum no i do not
[21:17] <Helio> that's bad
[21:17] <Helio> haha
[21:18] <Stormzor> well ik wut im doin but
[21:19] <sin> woah. i cant even understand what you're saying.
[21:19] <Stormzor> dam u fukin fukers
[21:19] <Stormzor> fuk ufk fuk fuk
[21:19] <Helio> ;P
[21:19] * Atri sets mode: +b *!*
[21:19] * Stormzor was kicked by UberGeek (Banned)
[21:20] <Helio> he no k wut he b doin
[21:20] <sin> lol
AllI can say about that is

laugh.gif Dumbass laugh.gif
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