[18:35] <John_L> actually sin I'm not much for tv anymore
[18:35] <sin> i dont do tv either.
[18:35] <therock247uk> hmm
[18:35] <therock247uk> tv?
[18:36] <John_L> i like the movie channels
[18:36] <sin> i got DVR for my birthday but i record things and then i never watch it.
[18:36] * Swede shall not say what he likes to watch *whistles*
[18:36] <John_L> pRon does not count
[18:37] <John_L> were talking real tv
[18:37] <Swede> John > Who said it was porn
[18:37] <Swede> : )
[18:37] <sin> john and i watch porn together all the time.
[18:37] <sin> *cough*
[18:37] <Swede> You just watch? = )
[18:37] <John_L> yeah sin likes......
[18:38] <John_L> shhhh private
[18:38] <sin> my favorite part is when he ....
[18:38] <sin> and especially when he says ....
[18:38] <Swede> I rather see some cartoons with my daughter...gives alot more then some crappy pron movie
[18:38] <John_L> alright now I'm getting a dirty mind
[18:38] <Swede> Seen one pornmovie you've seen them all.
[18:38] <sin> i dont have a daughter to watch porn with
[18:38] <sin> i mean...
[18:38] <sin> cartoons
[18:39] <sin> shit.
[18:39] <John_L> hehe
[18:39] <sin> that -has- to go on my website.
[18:39] <Swede> lol
[18:39] <John_L> yeah tis fitting