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Full Version: How Do You Want To Die?
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the other day i was having a panic attack at work. i thought about hanging myself with my scarf. i actually got up and walked out of the conference room during staff meeting, wrapped my scarf around my neck as i was walking down the hall toward the restroom, and thought about hanging myself in there. i had it twisted up in the air when i realized there was no place to tie it to. scary.
i guess i should also explain that ive been having rather severe panic attacks for some time now. this his how badly they've progressed... that i think about killing myself to get them to stop. no, i dont think im suicidal. its just a momentary lapse in judgement, and i always talk myself out of it before it progresses too far. i have tried to get in to see the doctor about it. they wont let me make an appointment. not until i pay them in full $87.63. right now i cant afford it and they dont care.
Wow, sin. you are under too much presure. Could it be the meds you're taking? Try your primary doctor, maybe they can help with a change in meds.
Take care of yourself, get pleanty of rest, and try to brush off things you can't change.

Big {{{*HUGS*}}} darlin'.

I don't ever want to die. but because I have to sooner or later I pray it's fast and painless.
got to second everything that bd said
See your doctor , tell him/ her how you feel. They can help
My wife used to suffer that way

also don't want to die, too much I haven't seen or done
Sin I know how you feel, and you of all people should know how true this statement is. With help it is possible to work a stressful job, you just need to adjust as I have to figure out the difference between things you can control and the things you can't, the ones you can, do something about, the ones you can't, try not to think about because they don't think about you.

In the spirit of this post, I would rather not die soon, but am prepared and ready if/when it happens. I hope to die helping someone else continue to live. That would be my ideal way to go.
Ohh yeah, Darksoul. I'm an ole gal, but I still hope my physical being will help someone through their life....

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