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Full Version: What Would You Do?
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Alright, say you meet someone from nc IRL, what would be the first thing you would do?
  • Gnimsh: "Grimmah!" (been there, done that)
  • Nic: *snoofle* :-p
  • crrj: Pop in an Arrogant Worms and/or Moxy CD.
  • Kyrah: Pop a wheelie.
  • SomeUser: Kill myself before SU did for discovering his true identity.
  • dil: Share some Guinness.
  • therock247uk: Share some takeaway.
  • Jeff: Park on his feet.
Gimpi: Gimpah! (already done that.
Jeff: Thanks for all the help, ya lum!
Sin: sin!
crrj: thanks for the hosting
therock247uk: I'm worse than you.
kyrahjade: *fondle* jk. *huggles for kj!* mmm. muffin
acolour: hey red!
aaron[MS]: Give me longhorn, dammit!
to be honest, i have no idea what i'd do if i met any of you in real life. i remember when i met rob in the airport for the first time, it was really weird. now he lives here. sometimes its still weird. one day, i hope we all get to meet. maybe we could have a closet monster convention or something. that would totally kick ass.

until then,
Nor do i, i suppose id probably just walk right by you without even realizing it.

/me keeps walking without a clue
i doubt it pierce... im kind of hard to miss.
lately, its been black clothes from head to toe, and ive got purple hair.
the hair wasnt -supposed- to be purple. it was -supposed- to be mahogany.
now its like a purple-red at the roots, fading to black.
looks superb when ive got it pulled up into a bun.
besides, you have a penis, no doubt you'd notice the large set of knockers i carry around.
yes nic they are hard to miss lol (jk)
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