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Closet Forums _ Bots Amok _ Mort Is Away

Posted by: sin Apr 2 2006, 10:35 AM

[11:22] * Mort is away: shitting in my left hand
[11:22] <sin> OMFG!
[11:22] <therock247uk> omfg!
[11:23] <therock247uk> where the fuck did he get that from?
[11:24] <sin> i was just thinking the same thing
[11:29] * Mort is back
[11:30] <sin> Mort, do you feel better?
[11:30] <Mort> Maybe you should ask Moriarty
[11:30] <sin> Moriarty, do you feel better?
[11:30] <Mort> I would have to say yes.
[11:31] <sin> Mort, what did you do with the shit in your left hand?
[11:31] <Mort> Lickables.
[11:31] <sin> GROSS!
[11:31] * sin vomits on Mort
[11:31] * Mort vomits nic back with an external
[11:31] <therock247uk> omfg!
[11:31] <Astraeus> smile.gif

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